Mago Pop age, family, wife, children, theatre shows, net worth.

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Mago Pop is a Spanish magician and illusionist whose real name is Antanio Diaz Cascajosa. He is a young talented magician who uses magic to test six separation theory.

Mago pop age, and family.

Mago was born in1986 at Badia del in Spain. His birthday date remains a misery as he lives a very private life and separates business from personal life. His family as well is not available to the public knowledge. He however had shared earlier that his parents bought him the first magic book that sparkled the flame for magic.

Does Mago pop have a wife?

Antonio the Spanish Magician has shared no known information about him having a wife or children. Some online rumors had it that he has a family but however it is not proven. No known kids have been mentioned earlier either. Pop lived such a private life. However, will update the information when it is made public.

Mago Pops career

He started his career of magic at 2019. He created the first troop at twenty. Additionally, he was awarded National Magic Award in 2008. Pop is the artist in Spain who has sold most tickets. His tv show on D max has made him popular as El Mago. He bought Victoria theatre in 2019.

Mago pop theatre shows

Mago Pop on stage

Mago has done various theatre shows like Night Abbozi, Dreams, and The Amazing story of Mr Snomi. Fortunately, the show ‘The great illusion’ pushed him to a new height of fame. again, he has also performed in theatres like Teatre coliseum, teatri Calderon to mention a few. He also hosted and performed on Broadway Theatre.

However, the famous magician was trending because he faced allegations for copying from several magicians. One of them being Joaquin Kotkin who claimed that he apologized to him later for copying his content.

Mogo’s net worth.

Mogo’s net worth was $1.5 Million by March 2021. He believes that nothing is impossible.

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