Matt Damon age, education, wife, children, career.

Matt Damon
Matt Damon

Matt Damon whose full name is Matthew Paige Damon is about 1.78 meters tall. He is an American film maker, a producer, a screen writer and an actor. Also, he own several awards including the British Academy Film Awards and two Golden Globe Awards.

Birthday and family

Matt was born to Nancy Carlson Paige and Kent Damon on eighth October 1970. Therefore, he is 53 years. He was born in Cambridge. His father worked in a real estate while his mother was an ECDE professor at Lesley college. However, his parents separated when he was only two years old. Additionally, he has two siblings who are Kyle and Sarah Bradford who is his step sister.

Matt Damon childhood

So, Damon spent most of his childhood in Cambridge. He attended a Latin school and begun his drama classes there. His parents divorced when he was two years old. Also, he did not attend kindergarten classes as he was homeschooled by his mother.

Spouse and children

Damon got married in the year 2005 to the love of his life Luciana Borosso. She previously worked as a bartender. Together, they have four children who are; Alexis, Isabella, Gia and Stella. Alexia is a step daughter from Luciano’s previous marriage.

Matt Damon career

So, Matt started acting at eighteen years in the movie mystic pizza. He was also featured in the TV movie Rising von after which he quit acting first to concentrate on his career. He joined Harvard university and majored in English. Apart from acting, he also pursued screen writing. Together with his old friend Ben Affleck, they did a script good will hunting which won nine Oscar nominations. He also won the academy award for best screen play in 1998. Onwards, he appeared in different movies like the talented Mr Ripley, Rounders, Ocean Elevens, and The Grod.

Is Matt Damon fighting depression?

Recently, he admitted to fall in the jaws of depression. This was after he moved his family elsewhere to work on a project which didn’t turn out as expected. Again, he explained himself and said that he feels guilty for letting them down when they need him. In one of his statements, he recognized his wife as the one who pulls him up when he fells in depression.

Matt Damon Films

He has been featured in movies like ;

  • Still water
  • The last Duel
  • True Grit
  • Good will Hunting
  • The Departed
  • The good Shepherd
  • Green zone
  • The rain maker

Net worth

His net worth is approximately $170 million as at July year 2023. He is amongst the actors in the world with a high net worth.

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