Charlie Munger age, family, spouse, children, death.

Charlie Munger

Charlie Munger whose real name is Charles Thomas Munger. He was an American business man, an investor and a philanthropist.

How old is Charlie Munger?

So, Munger was born on 1st January 1924 at Omaha, Nebraska in the United states. He grew up in a small town in the US. Little information is However given out about his early childhood and how he grew up. Later, he enrolled in University of Michigan but barely had he studied when the university was attacked. He dropped and joined the US army from 1943-1946 as the second lieutenant in the army forces. After the world war stabilized, he did not opt to continue with his studies first but got married.

Family, spouse and children

Munger had married twice and had seven children and two step children. His first wife was called Nancy jean Huggins who was his sisters roommate. Nancy died in 2003 due to cancer. Their children were Wendy Munger ,Molly Munger, and Teddy Munger who died from leukemia at the age of nine. They however divorced in 1953 and he married Nancy Barry Borthwick who died in 2010.

Borthwick was a philanthropist. Their children were: Charles Munger, Emilie Munger( lawyer) and Barry Munger who was an activist. His step children were William Harold Borthwick and David Borthwick. He lived in the same house for decades because he ‘did not want to raise spoilt children’s

Charlie Munger career

Charles served as the chairman of Wesco financial co operation and also daily journal co operation in Los Angeles. Additionally, he was the vice chairman in Berkshire Hathaway and the director of Casto wholesale co-operation.

He played a pivotal role in investments like the Coca Cola and apple Company. He believed in smart investing and his philosophy was focusing on quality rather than diversification. His investment policy revolved around patience, discipline and focus.

His quotes

The famous philanthropist was known for various quotes like’if all you have is a hammer then the world looks like a nail’ to mention but a few .

Why is Charlie Munger’s worth so little?

Charlie Munger image

Mungers networth was about 2.6 billion by the time of his death.This is because he used a big percentage of his wealth for donations and he also sold some of it.

Which principles did Charlie Munger believe in?

Charlie believed in principles like ‘Don’t sell anything you wouldn’t buy yourself ‘,Do not work for anyone you do no respect and admire” and ‘work only with people you enjoy’

Charlie Munger’s story of success was inspired mostly but discipline.


However, he died on November 28th 2023 at 99 years. The major cause of death remains unknown although is was mentioned that he died peacefully on his hospital bed in California. His siblings were Mary Munger and Carol Munger. His father was a district court judge while his father, Alfred Munger was a lawyer. No information is given about his mother.

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