Jim Carey origin, age, wife, children, movies, net worth.

Jim Carey image
Jim Carey image

Jim Carey whose real name is James Eugine Carrey is a Canadian American comedian and also an actor. He is famous for his rib breaking performances. Jim is about 1.88 m tall.

Birthday, childhood and family.

Carey was born on the seventeen of January in 1962 at New market, Canada. Therefore, he is 62 years old. However, his parents are Kathleen who was a homemaker and Percy Carey who was a musician as well as an accountant.

His mother was struggling with chronic illnesses and this made their dad the full financial dependent at home. Things became tough when he lost his job and their home simultaneously. Jim had to drop out of school and do odd jobs in order to support his family meet it’s needs. Additionally, he was raised alongside his three siblings Patricia, Rita and John.

Wife and children of Jim Carey

He has been married twice with both of the marriages ending up with a separation. His first wife was called Melissa wormer. They got married in 1987 and divorced in 1995. Melissa confirmed to have had emotional struggle after divorcing Jim.

Later, he remarried Lauren Holy in 1996. The two are said to have met when he was finalizing his divorce with wormer. However, their marriage only lasted a year. He had one child, Jane Erin, with whom he had sired with Melissa.

The career of Jim Carey

So, Jim started by making funny faces on the mirror to imitate other people and he was impressed that indeed he did well. He is one of the comedians who rose from rags to riches. However, he was rejected severally by tv stations but he did not give up. His first performance was at Toronto in a newly opened yuk yuk comedy club. However, the financial situation at home made it very difficult for him to take steps towards his career. He was denied a chance to host Saturday night live show but he landed a job on CFMT tv channel on all night show.

Luckily, he was noticed by Rodney Dangerfield who offered his hand to him and signed for his tours. He was lucky to land to a role in the film once bitten in 1995. This is how he begun to rise since he continued getting other roles in different films, from rags to riches.

Film performances of Jim Carey

He has been featured in a lot of films including Bat man forever. Others include, Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, Batman forever, The majestic, Ace Ventura.

Net worth

His network is approximated to $180 million.

Is Carey dead?

There has been recent searches about the death of the comedy star but there is no reason to worry as he is alive and in his best of health.

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