Antonio Banderas nationality, age, wife, children, heart attack.

Antonio Bandera
Antonio Bandera

Antonio Banderas whose birth name is Jose Antonio Dominguez Bandera is a Spanish actor and director. He has a height of about 1.74 meters tall. is known for his work in films and has also received various awards. Additionally, he is one of the Spanish most famous face. Antonio was a soccer player until breaking his foot at the age of fourteen. Currently he is an international movie star.

How old is Antonio Banderas?

Jose was born on the 10th of August 1960. Therefore, he is 63 years old.

Which Religion is Antonio Banderas?

Antonio is an officer of a Roman Catholic religious brotherhood in his hometown of Malaga. He travels during holy week to take parts in Processions.

Where did Antonio Banderas study?

The Spanish movie actor began his acting studies at the school of Dramatic Art in Malaga. He made his acting debut at a small Theater in Malaga.

How did Antonio get into acting?

His acting career began at the age of 19 when he used to work in Small theatres during movida period. At first, he gained wide attention of the Spanish audience through starring on a set of films by director Pedro Almodovar between 1982 and 1990.

Who is Antonio Banderas married to?

Antonio married Ana Leza in 1987 and divorced in 1996. Again, he met and began a relationship with Melanie Griffith who is an American actress. They married on 14 May 1996 in London. However, their divorce came officially in December 2015. Currently Banderas is dating Nicole Kimpel who is a Dutch Investment Banker.

Does Antonio Banderas have children?

The actor shares one daughter whom they welcomed on September 24, 1996 with Melanie Griffith. Her name is Stella Banderas.

What happened to Antonio Banderas health?

The Spanish star shared that he subsequently underwent heart surgery to have three stents placed in his arteries. He went on by saying that his heart attack could have been more serious.

Why is Antonio so famous?

Antonio rose to international fame for playing Zorro in the Eponymous movies series. At this time he was 36 years old.

Antonio Banderas movies

His ranked movies include The Mask of Zorro, Evita, The 33, Original sin, Assassin’s, Two much and Mambo Kings.

How much is Banderas Net worth?

He has an estimated net worth of about $50 million.

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