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Rod Stewart whose birth name is Roderick David Stewart CBE is a producer, a musician, a singer and a songwriter. Stewart comes from British. Mostly, he is known for his rock and pop music. Also, he is famous for having ten of his albums as number one. Additionally, he has won many awards in his career in music. He has also sold close to 120 million records in the world.

Age and family of Rod Stewart

Rod was born on 10th January 1945 at London, UK. Therefore, he is 79 years old. His parents are Elsie Gilbert and Robert Stewart. His father was Scottish. He was a master builder. The profession of his mother was not known. Rod grew along his five siblings, Robert, Mary, Don and Peggy. However, he is the youngest sibling among the five.

Early life

So, he was born in an average family. Being the youngest he was most loved and spoilt. Again, he was born at home during the second world war. He schooled at High gate primary but he failed his final examinations. Later, he joined sports Mere school. After completion, he joined Grimshaw school where he learnt how to play the guitar. However ,he quit school and started doing odd jobs in order to support his family.

Spouse and children

Rod has been married thrice in his life. His first marriage was to Alana in the year 1979. Their marriage did not last as they separated in 1984. His second marriage was to Rachael hunter in the year 1990. She was a famous model. They separated in the year 2006. His most recent marriage was to Penny Lancaster in year 2007. He has eight children, all from five different ladies. They include Kimberley, Alaistrar Sean, Ruby, Liam, Sarah and Renee. Apart from being a father, he is also a grandfather to Delilah (kimberly’s daughter) and Oti (Ruby’s son)

The career of Rod Stewart

Initially, before venturing in music, he worked as a newspaper vendor in their shop. Also, he worked in cemeteries as a grave digger. He begun singing in the year 1962. Rod did folksongs, RnB and soul music. The following year, he joined the dimension as a vocalist and a Harmonia player. The album every picture tells a story was his breakthrough. It topped in many countries including the US. Most of his friends topped in other countries. His song rhythm of my heart was the highest ranked song in the UK. It was featured on Billboard as number 17 as the most successful. Additionally, he has won one Brit award and one Grammy award. Also, he appeared on the us rock and roll hall of fame.

Songs and music groups

Throughout his music career, he has been in music groups likes The Jeff Beck group, short gun express and The steam packet.

He has recorded songs like sailing, young Turks, baby Jane, forever young, Maggie may, I do not want to talk about it and have never seen the rain.

Net worth

He has an estimated net worth of $300 m. This is from his sale of albums, his shows and his music career.

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