Mark Cuban age, wife, children, career, success, net worth.

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Mark Cuban is a businessman, a film producer, an investor and a tv personality. However, he is also the most recognizable investor in the ABC reality series Shark Tank. Cuban became a millionaire at the age of thirty. Additionally, he is also a big fan of Russian-American novelist Andy Rand.

How old is Mark Cuban?

Mark Cuban was born in July 31st, 1958 in America, Pittsburgh. Therefore, he is 65 years old. He started college at the age of seventeen and later moved to Dallas after college and created a computer consulting business. Cuban graduated with Bachelor of Science in management.

Family, and siblings

Cuban was born in a family of four. His father is called Norton Cuban who was an automobile upholsterer while his mother’s name is Shirley Cuban. Had describes his mother as one who ‘loves to do odd jobs’. His siblings are Jeff Cuban and Brian Cuban.

Who is mark Cuban’s wife and his children?

He is married to one wife known as Tiffany Stewart since 2002. Despite being married to a billionaire, Tiffany preferred staying with the kids and doing charity work. Together, they have three children namely Alexis, Allysa, and Jake). Tiffany and Cuban are however very private about their relationship.

Mark Cuban and family

How did Cuban show interest in business?

At a young age of twelve years, Cuban had already started doing business. He was selling garbage bags to buy expensive sneakers. He was also selling newspapers during school strikes.

Mark Cuban’s career

He started his first company called Micro solutions in his early adulthood but later sold it. Four years later, he invested together with his friend Todd Wagner $10,000 in a startup called audio net works. Mark also appeared as a judge on ABC show ‘shark Tank’. Additionally, he co founded which was an internet audio and video streaming service. He was also active in other companies. He became a millionaire at 32.

His success story

Cuban’s Micro solutions business played a key role in his success story. This is the business that made him a billionaire. He invested in other business too and shark Tank also boosted his popularity in the world.

Net worth

Cubans net worth ranges up to 6.2 Billion US Dollars. The billionaire however prefers simple life and values family time very much especially now that his first daughter joined college.

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