Julianne Moore age, husband, children, movies, books, net worth.

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Julianne Moore jpg

Julianne Moore is an American actress ,an author and a producer. She was initially known as Julie Ann Smith. Her height is 160 meters tall. She is most famous for being featured as an emotionally disturbed woman in most of her movies. However, she is also known for receiving numerous awards from her profession as a n author and also an actor.

The age and family of Julianne Moore

Moore was born at Fort Bragg on 3rd December 1960. Therefore, she is 63 years old. The famous actress is a daughter to Anne love smith and Peter Moore smith. Her Father was a military officer while the occupation of her mother was not known. She grew alongside her two siblings Peter Moore and Valerie Smith.

Her childhood and education

Julianne had more of a transit childhood. This is because they moved from one place to another due to the nature of her fathers job. Also, she often found herself in the hands of bullies because of her fame. However, she studied at Justice High School as well As Frankfurt American high school. Additionally, she studied her degree at Boston university.

why she changed her name to Julianne Moore

The golden globe award winner changed her name so as to accommodate both of her parents names. She picked both of her parents names, Anne and Moore hence the name Juliane Moore.

Husband and children

Moore has been married twice. Her first husband was John Robin. They got married in the year 1986 but they got divorced in the year 1995. Again, she then got married to Bart Freudlinch in the year 2003. She said that the reason she divorced Robin was that the marriage was too much work for her and she wanted a good marriage. Again, she struggled too much with the divorce that it turned her into a therapist. She has two children with Bart ,Liv Freudlich and Caleb.


Julianne begun acting in 1985 in the soap opera the edge of the As the world turns. Her breakthrough caught up with her when she acted shortcuts in 1993. She continued starring in several other movies like safe nine months. The film Jurassic park featured her as the Hollywood leading lady. In the year 1997, she received Oscar nominations for her movie boogie nights and end of affairs. Also, she played a pornographic actress in 1970.

Moore continued to progress in her filming careers there on. However, she has won a Bafta award, two golden globe awards, one academy award and two Emmy awards. Additionally, she has also released independent films like the May December.

Julianne Moore books

Besides acting, she is an author of children’s books To proof her love for children. Her authored books are Numbers and past tense, my mom is a foreigner but not to me, monster time and Freckleface strawberry.


Some of the best and most watched movies are Boogie night, far from heaven, still Alice, crazy stupid love, when you finish saving the world and sharper. The most recent movie is spirit untamed. She has recently been named as one of the best actors in the 21st century.

Net worth

Her net worth is approximately $55 million.

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