George Clooney age, family, Spouse, children, career, net worth.

George Clooney image jpg
George Clooney image jpg

George Clooney is also known as George Timothy Clooney. He is an American film maker, actor, content writer and a journalist.

Age and family

So, George was born on 6th May 1961 at Kentucky. Therefore, he is 63 years old. His father, Nicholas Joseph was a TV anchor, a tv host and an actor. His mother was known as Nina. Him and his only sibling Adelia Clooney were raised as staunch Catholics. However, despite being raised in a religious background, George still admired that he didn’t believe in God or heaven. He studied at Blessed Sacramento School. Also, he was active in sports like Basketball.

Spouse and children of George Clooney

So, he has been married twice in his life. First he got married to Talia Balsam in 1989 but divorced in 1993. he two kept the reason for divorcing private. He decided to give love a chance again when he married Amal Clooney in the year 2004 up to the present moment. Apart from being a famous actor he is also a father to fraternal twins Ella and Alexander

The career of George Clooney

He grew up in a motivation full home. His aunt was a singer and an actress while his father was an actor. He was largely supported by his family. However, he started his career by acting on the drama featured on NBC TV as Dr Dough Ross. This gained him world wide recognition. For the drama, he won two prime time Emmy awards nominations. From there onwards, he acted movies like Batman & Robin, 3king. The perfect storm and so many others. His biggest breakthrough came when he acted the film from dusk to dawn. Apart from acting, he directed the movie confessions of a dangerous mind, Goodnight and Good luck. The monuments men to mention a few. He has received numerous awards like British academy film award. Additionally, he has won 4 Golden globe awards and two academy awards as a producer.

Net worth

He has a net worth of $500m from his acting and producing career. He also has other sources of income like being a content writer and a journalist.

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