Bay head elementary school history, enrolment, programs offered.

Bay head elementary school jpg
Bay head elementary school jpg

Bay Head Elementary School is a public school located at Bay Head in New Jersey. It is located in the North of ocean county on the Barnegat Peninsula. However, it is among the top four best schools and has a student teacher ratio of 11 to 1. Most learners in the school score at least 37% in Mathematics and 57% in reading. Additionally, the school has a conducive environment and good teacher-learner relationship. Learners are also well equipped with good interpersonal skills. Co curricular activities are encouraged as well.

History of Bay head elementary school

So, the school was started in October 2012. This was the same period when New Jersey was hit by a hurricane study.

The school in the USA in ocean county which is in New Jersey. Its address is 145 Groove street, Bay head NJ 08742. The school opens from 8:00 Am Monday to Friday.

Enrolment and population

The school enrolls learners from kindergarten to eighth grade. Currently, the student enrolment is 130 learners. Upon learner’s completion of eighth grade, they get enrolled to pleasant Beach high school. This is because the school does not offer grade 9 to grade twelve classes.

Administration and leadership

The school principal is known as Frank Camardo. Members of the school districts administration are:

  • Superintendent Dr Morris Pete.
  • Pat Christopher, the board secretary. He is also the business administrator.

The administration works together with the BOE. Additionally, District Board of Education (BOE) is made of five members. They are usually voted in. So, they help to foresee the future of the school. The members are only allowed in office for three years.

Teacher salaries at Bay head elementary school

The average annual salary of the teachers is $66836 for median school and $68831 for others. The best paid teacher receives a salary of $78,860.The lowest paid receives a salary of $49,120.

Programs and courses

The school offers programs such as:

  • Music courses.
  • Language courses.
  • Performance Arts courses (poetry and creative writing).
  • Arts courses.
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