Gaston Glock age, family, wife, children, death, net worth.

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Gaston Glock is a businessman and an engineer from Australia. He is well known for founding the company Glock which made the Glock pistols. The company was founded in the year 1982. He manufactured light pistols that were well received in the market. They were said to be the most influential pistols in the 21st century.

Age and family of Gaston Glock

He was born on 19th July 1929 at Vienna, Australia. Neither his parents information nor his siblings is currently available to the public. However, from reliable sources, his father worked in the rails. Gaston came from a humble background. He had his basic studies at public schools. In his early childhood, he was featured in world war 2 as Wehrmacht. Upon completion of the movie, he went back to school to study engineer. The name of the college remains unveiled, but it was located at Vienna.

Was Gaston Glock married?

The famous engineer married his first wife Hegla in the year 1962. However, they divorced in the year 2011. Rumors have it that he divorced her in order to marry a younger wife. Later in the same year, Gaston married Kathrin. She is fifty years younger than him. Kathrin is a business woman. He had three children with his first wife Hegla who are Bridgette, Gaston Glock Junior, and Robert

Murder attempt

In the year 1999, he found out that his financial advisor Charles had been misusing funds. Upon confrontation, Charles did not take it lightly. Instead, he hired someone to kill him inside his car. The person was supposed to make the scene look like an accident. Fortunately, Glock fought back and saved his life.

The career of Gaston Glock

Glock begun his successful journey by manufacturing knives and curtain rods. The idea of manufacturing fire arms begun when he was in his fifty’s. Following his previous experiences with his career as an engineer, he made his first pistol, Glock 17. It took a period of one year to produce and design. Years later, he turned out to be a significant seller of the guns. He mostly sold them to the US military. He attracted many more sales, since his gun was light and reliable.


However, Glock died on 27 December 2023. The news regarding his death were broken in his website. He died of natural causes at the age of 94.

Net worth

So, he had a net worth of $1.5 billion. He made his riches from manufacturing weapons and other products like entrenching tools.

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