Bernie Sanders age, family, wife, children, career, net worth.

Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders is an American politician and activist based in the US. He is the longest serving senior senator in the Us from Vermont. Therefore, he chairs the health, education, labor, and pensions committee. Although he serves independently. Bernie has a healthy relationship with the leading party [Democratic party]. He assumed the office in 3rd January 2023 although he has been office since 2007. He is abut 1.83 meters tall.

Age, family and early life of Bernie Sanders

Sanders was born on September 8th, 1941 at New York, USA. Therefore, he is 82 years old. His parents are Dorothy Sanders and Eli sanders. His father came from Poland while his mother was born in USA.

However, he only has one brother ,Larry [Lawrence]. He is his elder brother and also a politician. The two came from a family that was able to meet most of its basic needs without strain. Therefore, he schooled at James Madison High School. Back in high school, he was the captain of the tracks team. Additionally, he also at Brooklyn College and The University of Chicago respectively.

Wife and children of Bernie Sanders

The famous politician has been married twice in his life. His first wife was called Deborah Shilling. They got married in the year 1964. However, their union only lasted two years. Later, he got married to Jane Sanders in the year 1988. She is a social worker, a political strategist and a college administrator. The duo has one child together, Levi Sanders while the other three are from Jane’s previous relationship. They also have seven grandchildren. The two consider each other’s children as one’s own.


While he was still a student at the University of Chicago, Bernie started organizing protests for the Congress of Racial Equality. Again, he started running third party political campaigns after settling in Vermont in 1968. However, most of them were unsuccessful. Also, he was elected thrice as the mayor of Burlington as an independent candidate in 1981.

He vied for elections in 1990 as a representative in Vermont and won. Bernie served in the office for 16 years before being elected in the senate in the year 2006. Again, he has previously served in offices like health, education and labor as the chairperson. He won the runners up position in presidential nominations in the year 2020. In the same year, he worked with Hilary Clinton and Joe Bidden to compete against Donald Triumph.

Bernie Sanders books

Apart from being a famous politician, he has authored books like Our revolution, where we go from here, The speech, The price of justice, money and morals and the age of inequality. His most recent book is ‘It is ok to be angry about capitalism ‘

Net worth

Sanders has an estimated net worth of about $ 2.5 and $3 million. This is an approximated value from the sale of his books and his salary.

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