Is there a cure for cerebral palsy?

Teenager with cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy is a type of brain damage. It occurs during pregnancy or even after a child is born. In addition, it is a disorder that affects a person’s balance. A person with this condition may also find it hard to move. It is very difficult to know if a child has this condition. Cerebral palsy is a disability that is very common.

The signs of Cerebral Palsy.

The symptoms of cerebral palsy are different for each person. They include;

  • Frequent seizures.
  • Hard to hear.
  • Hard to see.
  • Problem with moving the muscles.
  • A person can have problems when swallowing.
  • Children, delay in sitting up and crawling.

Causes of Cerebral Palsy.

A girl with cerebral palsy.

The main cause of cerebral palsy is not known. However, some of the causes of this condition include;

  • Lack of oxygen in the brain. This occurs before or when a child is born.
  • Damage to a brain that is developing.
  • Injuries that occur in the head. This is as a result of either accident or falling down.
  • Some infections from the mother’s womb.
  • Bleeding of the brain.
  • Severe brain infection. For instance meningitis.

There are some risk factors that involve cerebral palsy. They are;

  • A birth that is premature.
  • Babies who are born with a weight that is less than normal.
  • A birth occurs when the baby’s feet come out first.
  • When a pregnant mother takes illegal drugs.
  • When a pregnant mother takes medicines that damage the fetus.

If you think your child has cerebral palsy, please see a doctor right away. This is because diagnosis and treatment are important.

Diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy.

A doctor diagnoses cerebral palsy by checking the medical history of the patient. In addition, a physical exam also helps. Diagnosis is through;

  • A scan that shows images of the brain.
  • Blood tests help to check whether there is bleeding in the brain.
  • An ultrasound. It is a fast method of checking a baby’s brain. However, it is very expensive.

Complications that may result from cerebral palsy may

include; teeth problems and difficulty in walking.


Doctors advise the patients to wear sunglasses and in severe cases, have wheelchairs. In addition, they should also have hearing aids and walking aids. Medicines such as baclofen help to relax the muscles. Surgery helps to ease the pain and enables easy walking.

In conclusion, there is no cure for cerebral palsy. However, symptoms are manageable and further complications can be prevented.

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