Joshua Carter Jackson, age, wife, children, career, net worth.

Joshua Carter Jackson jpg
Joshua Carter Jackson jpg

Joshua Carter Jackson was born on 11th June 1978. Therefore, he is 45 years old.
During his birth, his parents John Carter and Fiona Jackson lived in Vancouver, Canada. The siblings to Joshua are, Aisleagh Jackson, Jonathan Carter and Lyman Carter.

How was Joshua Carter Jackson Personal Background?

While acting at Dawson’s Creek, he was in a relationship with co star Katie Holmes. Katie agreed on an interview that Joshua was her first love. Additionally, he got into another relationship with a German actress Diane Kruger in the year 2006 to 2016 when they parted ways. In 2018, Jackson got into another relationship with Turner Smith and they got married on August 18th 2019. Together with Turner, they have a daughter Juno Rose Diana who was born on April 2020. However, Turner filed for divorce in 2023. Again he confirmed to be dating with Lupita Nyong’o in December, 2023.

Where did Joshua Carter Jackson Study?

So, he attended Ideal Mini School and later went to Kitsilano Secondary School. At Kitsilano Secondary School he met a fellow actor Ryan Reynolds. Jackson accepted to have been kicked out of high school once because of a show that was known as “The John Stewart Show”. He said he used to stay up till late thus he went late to school.

How is Joshua’s Career?

However, he has participated in several Films. However, he started his career at the age of 13 years. His role in the “Crooked Hearts” as an eleven years Tom. In 1992 he acted The Mighty Ducks as Charlie Conway. Again in 1993 as Billy, Joshua acted as Digger. Other films include, Andre, 1994, Magic in the water, 1995, Robin of Locksley, 1996, Ronnie and Julie, 1997, Scream, 1997, The Skulls, 2000, Americano, 2005, Battle in Seattle of 2007 and Sky of 2015 among others.
Television Shows that he has acted include Paly off as Young Mac, 1991, Champs Matt Mazzilli in 1996, Robin of Locksley as John Prince Junior in 1996 and the famous Fatal attraction as Dan Gallagher in 2023 among many other television shows.
Apart from Film and Television Shows, he has appeared on live stages in several drama as in 2005 in the “A life in the Theater” as John. In 2016 as Brian in Smart people a play by Lydia R Diamond at Second Stage Theatre. The big appearance that he has made is in the Children of a Lesser God as James Leeds at Barkshire Theatre Festival with Kenny Leon Studio in the year 2017 to 2018.

How Many Awards does Joshua have?

Carter has been nominated in so many a film. However, he has not managed to win all the nominations but he won some. Of the won awards include, Teen Choice Award of 1999 in the choice Tv Actor category as Dawson’s Creek and won the same award in 2000 and 2001.

In 2000 also, he won the Young Hollywood Award as Male Superstar of Tomorrow. In 2005, he won the Best Actor Category in the Lunderale International Film Festival as Aurora Borealis. He won the Best Ensemble of the year as Bobby in the Hollywood Film Festival in 2006. Also won a 2010’s Teen Choice Award, as Fringe in the Choice Actor Fantasy Category. He has been nominated in 22 awards competitions and won eight in them.

Net worth

So, his net worth is estimated to be around $12 million.

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