Bantu lodge location, activities, charges.

Bantu lodge accommodation

Bantu Lodge is found in a rural area known as Naro Moru. Naro Moro is in Nyeri County and lies between Nyeri and Nanyuki towns. The lodge has a very competent team-building area in a natural forest. The locals famously refer to this forest as Caanan and Eden. This lodge is right behind the Old Italian war dam. Visiting this place makes you get challenged and you end up ensuring you achieve all your objectives. It is the region’s natural choice for a peaceful vacation. It offers quality services that meet your discerning needs for a home away from home.

Activities in Bantu lodge

a. Team Building in Bantu Mountain Lodge

The lodge has a good space sufficient for team-building activities. However, it depends on the number of people and interests of your group.

b. Horse Riding

You can ride on horseback either for a short or long distance to get a proper view of Mount Kenya forest

c. Boat Riding

Bantu lodge horse riding

There are two options given for boat riding, either row or engine. You ride the boat in the man-made dam that is within the lodge.

d. Mountain Cycling

So, you cycle around Mount Kenya which gives you a feeling of freshness from the flora and fauna.

e. Game Drive

The Lodge gives a good option for touring through a game drive. This helps you relieve yourself from stress and normal daily activities.

f. Sky and canopy walking.

g. They have a park for animals such as s such as crocodiles and tortoises.

h. Also, they offer you a guided nature walk in the forest

 i. You get to visit the historical Mau Mau caves.

 j. There is also trout fishing

k. During the day, they also offer trips to Mount Kenya National Park.

Also, in the lodge, different delicious meals are offered at affordable prices. In addition, accommodation is available for all classes and groups of people depending on your budget. For more information, contact; or +254 773992070

Charges at Bantu

To get the charges for all these activities, contact; +254 773992070

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