Toby Keith bio-age, early life, wife, children, death.

Toby Keith

Toby Keith Covel is an American award winning Country Music artist. He is also a song writer, a record producer and an actor. Again, his songs earned a high rank in the country Music Industry in the US. His song known as Should’ve Been a Cowboy became top in 1990s and also was the most played of that decade.

Toby Keith warly Life and Schooling

Keith Covel was born in Clinton, Oklahoma but grew up in Moore, Oklahoma, USA. His parents were the late Hubert Keith Covel and Carolyn Joan Covel. Additionally, he was born on 8th July 1961. Therefore he is 62 years old. Tobby’s siblings are Tracy Covel and Tonni Covel.

Keith studied at Highland West junior High School and Moore High School. Later, he went to work with his father as a derrick in oil fields. Tobby formed a band with his friends, Danny smith, Scott Webb, Keith Cory, David Vowell and several others. They would sing in bars at night while he still worked in the oil fields.

Keith wife and Children

Tobby got Married to a lady by the name of Tricia Lucus on 24th March 1984. Together they have three children, two daughters Shelley Rowland, Krystal Keith, and a son called Stelen Keith Covel. Shelley was born in 1980 but was adopted in 1984. Keith is also blessed with four grandchildren. 

Keith’s Career

After little performances with his local band, Keith went to play football. Football did not do well on his direction and he went back to music. In 1990, he went to Nashville, Tennessee where he hawked his demo tapes to recording studios in the city although none was interested. This led him back home with a bitter feeling. However, one of his fans gave his copy to a Mercury Records Executive, Harold Shedd. Shedd loved Keith’s Music so much. He went to see him perform and later signed a contract with him to record with the Mercury.

In 1993, his single song Should’ve Been a Cowboy made a good pace setting in his Career. This hit was at number 1 in 1993 US’s Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. The song also was on Billboard Hot 100 and reached number 93 that year. This song was in his album that produced other top five hits in the Billboard.

Toby Keith image

In 1999 Keith moved to Dream Works Records in Nashville. His first release here was When Love Fades. He recorded it with other songs like How do You Like Me Now? This song spent five weeks at number one in the Country Music Chart. Billboard announced the song as the top Country song in 2000. Again in 2002, he yet released another album, Unleashed. It had four singles including Angry American which he wrote as a tribute to his father who died in a car accident in March 2002. Angry American and Who is Your Daddy in Unleashed hit number 1. Rock you Baby was number 13. Other songs in this album were Beer for my Horses that he did with Willy Nelson.

His last album with DreamWorks Records was in 2005 called Honkytonk University. This album had hits like Honkytonk U that was at number 8 and another single, As Good as I Once was. This song spent six weeks in at position one. Big Blue Note was the very last song with the DreamWorks Records and it was in position five.

 Toby Keith has appeared in many Television shows and films. These are, Ford, Total Nonstop action Wrestling, Gauntlet for the Gold, Comedy Central Roast and Huckabee. He also appeared in My Hometown Christmas in December 2018. In acting, he appeared in Broken Bridges, 2006. In 2008, he produced a film based on his song Bear for my Horses and named it the same while he starred it.

Is Toby Keith Dead?

However, Keith is not dead. Although rumors have been spreading about his death, Keith is Still alive. On October 6th 2023, his representatives officially announced that he is still alive and sound. The rumor emerged from a post ion Facebook that said RIP Tobby Keith and it attracted hundreds of thousands of likes and condolences messages.

Net worth

According to Forbes, Keith earns $48 million every year for the past five years. Therefore, the estimate of his net worth is about $500 million.

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