Where is Diani Beach, charges, and activities?

Diani Beach

A beach is a sandy land with pebbles by the sea which is between high and low water tides. Diani beach is among the biggest destination in East Africa. Diani beach is a public beach found in the coastal region. The beach is found in Kwale county. However, there is a high risk of getting malaria at this place as it is along the coastal region.

The cost of traveling from Nairobi to Diani is approximately Ksh 2000. The distance is about 30 kilometers which are 3-hour drive to the place from Tsavo National Park. In addition, Diani beach has received an award as the best beach destination in Africa for the consequent 5 years. Moreover, this beach is remote and has less population of tourists here.

Fun Activities at Diani Beach


Kayaking involves getting on a ride across the ocean waves in a kayak. The views from the kayak are what bring great memories and fun to this place. In addition, kayaking is fun with friends and family as they move around the waters while having dinner. This is also more fun if fishing is done while kayaking. All equipment is provided by the tour company.

Jet-skiing at Diani Beach

Jet skiing is an activity at Diani beach that involves riding on a jet ski for about 30 minutes in the open sea. This water sport is the most recently preferred sport by people who frequent the coastal region during holidays. However, the maximum number of people per trip jet skiing is 15.

Windsurfing at Diani Beach

Windsurfing is an activity involving riding on the water on a sailboard. This sport is for competition or for personal enjoyment. However, tourists need to be cautious as there are injuries that arise from this sport. Such injuries include knee, feet, chest wall, and ankle fractures.


Kitesurfing involves riding on a modified surfboard using a unique kite purposely made for this activity. The wind is the source of energy used in this place to carry out the activity. A person pulls along the sea using this equipment. In addition, kitesurfing takes less time to learn in comparison to the rest.

Paddle Boarding

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Paddle boarding is a type of water sport that involves traveling across water or riding across water waves using a board made for this activity. Moreover, a person sits, stands, or even paddles sometimes while on this board. Paddle boarding is best for balance maintenance and strengthening body muscles, especially leg joints.


This type of water sport involves swimming underwater using scuba. Provision of special equipment for this activity happens. This includes, an air tank and a special machine normally in use for breathing must be put in place. This sport makes one feel part of marine life. This also equals flying and when balancing your body underwater. However, it is advisable to scuba dive when with a friend. In addition, scuba diving while drunk is not advisable or even when having a cold. The longest period one takes in scuba diving is 45 minutes on a 40-foot dive.


Snorkel is a water sport that involves using a short tube to breathe while having the face under water. The breathing tube is made of hard rubber or hard plastic. In addition, when one is snorkeling, one views different fish and sea creatures inside the waters.

Charges of Various Activities at Diani Beach.

  • Every person/ individual pays a fee of 20$ for snorkeling for 1 hour at the beach.
  • The Jet ski charge is Euro 50 for a single while a double jet ski cost Euro 60 for half an hour.
  • Diving costs are between Euro 95 -Euro 170 depending on the number of trips and dives present.
  • Windsurfing costs Euro 45.
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