Ian Ziering age, family, wife, children, movies, attack, net worth.

Ian Ziering jpg
Ian Ziering jpg

Ian Ziering is an American actor, best known for being featured in Beverly Hills as Steve Senders. He is also referred to as Andrew Ziering. Moreover, he is known for starring the sherknado series as fin shepherd.

Age and family

The famous actor was born on 30 March 1964 at new Jersey, US. Therefore, he is 59 years old. His his parents are Micky and Paul. His father was a saxophonist. The occupation of his mother was not known. They were in the Judaism religion. Ian had two brothers, Barry and Jeff.


Ian was the last born in his family. Him, together with his brothers grew up in west orange. They had a normal childhood, despite it having challenges. His family came from Australia and Russia. Having a father who was a saxophonist, it was easy for him to learn how to play musical instruments. He studied at West Orange High School. Later, he enrolled at William Peterson for his higher education.

Wife and children

He has married twice in his life. His first marriage was to Nikki Schieler. Nikki was a playboy model. However, they divorced as a result of many indifferences. Later, he met Erin Ludwig who he married in the year 2010, in a lavish wedding. The two have three kids together who are Mia, Lorren and penns. However, they announced news of their separation on October 31 2019. The reason for their separation was due to their busy schedules. Ian is currently dating an anonymous lady.

The career of Ian Ziering

He begun acting in the year 1981. In this year, he acted Beverly Hills despite being in high school. He appeared consistently in the film until it’s tenth season. After a while, he voiced as Dr Nick in the film Goldiza in the year 1998. Again, he directed and produced the film Man vs Monday. The film awarded him the audience choice award. Still in the same year, he won the best actor award. Being a dancer, he participated in season four of Dancing with the stars. However, his partner Cheryl Burke won and he lost. He only made it to the semifinals. Ian was featured on celebrity apprenticeship on NBC in the year 2015. His most recent movie is swamp thing where he acts as blue devil.

Ian Ziering TV shows and movies

Apart from being a dancer with extraordinary moves, he has hosted TV shows like Guiding light, JAG and what I like about you. Also, he filmed movies like Beverly Hills, Sherkanado, it’s about time, oh hell no, Global swarming, Endless love spider man and Maliba rescue.

Ian ziering attack

Recently on the eves of new year, Ian was attacked by a swarm of bikers at around 3:00 pm. Thr reason behind the attack remain unknown. Fortunately, he, together with his daughter were not harmed. Investigations are currently going on about the same.

Net worth

He has a net worth estimation of about $2 million according to celebrity net worth .

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