Wentworth Miller age, wife, children, parents, and career.

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Wentworth Miller is an award winning Anglo American actor. He is known in writing, directing and as a cast in so many a film in Holly wood. His role as Michael Scofield in the legendary movie, prison break gave him a global recognition in the field of arts.

Wentworth Miller Age

Miller was born in June 2nd 1972. Therefore, he is 52 years old.

Miller’s Early Life

However, he was born in Chiping Norton, Oxfordshire England. Additionally, he has two siblings who are Gillan Miller and Leigh Miller. His parents were Roxan and Wentworth E. Miller II. However, his mother was a special needs teacher while his father was a lawyer as well as a teacher. Wentworth once confirmed that his father was black while his mother is white from the Swedish French ancestry.

What is Miler’s Education Background?

Miller went to Midwood high school in Brooklyn. Later, he went to Princeton University where he graduated in 1995 with a Bachelors of Arts in English. At Princeton, Miller wrote a 116 thesis that was titled ‘The Yellow Paper’.

How is Wentworth Miller Personal Life?

In 2007, miller denied accusations of being a gay in the style magazine. However he came out as gay in a letter in a website known as GLAAD in 2013. He was selected as an ambassador for an organization known as active Minds in October 17th 2016. Again, he revealed that he has been fighting depression since when he was young. Additionally, he added that it had costed him major opportunities, time, relationships and a lot of discomfort. He was diagnosed with autism on 27th July 2021 which he accepted and said that it’s a thing that he cannot change. Today Miller lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

However, Miller is in love with fellow actor Luke Macfarlane although they do not make it public.

Wentworth Miller and his partner Luke MacFarlane
Wentworth and his partner Luke MacFarlane.

Wentworth Miller career

Miller began his career while at Princeton University when he was performing with a group that was called the”a cappella’, princeton Tigertones and the Colonial Club.

After Completion of his studies, Miller went to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career in the year 1995. Again, he appeared on tv for the first time in 1998 making a major debut on a film that was called Buffy the vampire slayer where his role was a student- turned-sea monster Gage. In the year 2002, he made his first role to starring in a film that was called Dinotopia by the ABC. In Dinotopia he was a role of an introverted and sensitive with a name David Scott. He later kept appearing in several minor roles in TV shows before joining film makers of ‘The Human Stains’ as a co-star in 2003. That same year he was involved in another minor role in the film that was called ‘underworld’ where he had a role of a doctor and friend of the character Michael Corvin.

Alongside other films he acted in was the Iconic drama Prison Break by the Fox Network TV. His role was that of a gifted and cheeky structural engineer who decided to get jailed just o let his brother, Lincoln Burrows out of prison. The drama ended in 2009 with four seasons. Later, a final season was released on 4th April 2017 with Wentworth taking back his role.

Other films he has acted

Other films he has acted includes: Law and Order, Resident Evil, Park chan-wook, The Flash where he was a guest actor as ‘Captain Cold’ who came in episode 4 of season 1. The same year, Miller joined the cast of Legends of Tomorrow where he got reunited with his ‘brother’ In the Prison Break, Lincoln Burrows. He also played Arrowverse the same year. Miller as a writer has written so much plays including The Disappointments Room, a horror movie that got negative reviews from critics as well as the novel , The Story of Edgar Sawtelle.  However, Miller says in an interview that he is no longer in straight roles in the TV and films.

What are Millers Social Media Handles?

wentworth Millers Social Media handles are available. on Instagram,@officialwentworthmiller. On X is @WentworthMFClub whereas Miller deleted his other Social Handles all of a sudden .


While in The Flash, he won the Saturn Award for Best Guest Starring Role on Television in 2015. However, miller has been nominated in so many awards including; Back Real Award, Golden Globe Award, Gold Darby Award, Teen Choice Award, Bravo Otto, Fight Meter Award and International Online Cinema Awards in 2013.

Net Worth

Wentworth has an estimated net worth of $4 million.

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