Bruce Bilson age, early life, education, wife, children, career.

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Bruce Bilson jpg

Bruce Bilson whose birth name is Bruce Leonard Bilson is an American who is of Jewish ancestry. Bill is a known as a film writer and director as well as an actor. Bruce is notably known for directorate role in the Spy Poof.

Bruce Bilson Early Life and Age

Leonard Bruce was born on 19th May 1928. Therefore, he is 95 years old. He was born in Brooklyn, New York, USA. His parents were the late Hattie Bilson and George Bilson. Additionally, he is a brother to pianist Malcolm Bilson.

Where did Bruce go to School?

So, in 1950 Bruce graduated from the University of California Los Angeles
(UCLA) School of Theatre, film and Television in 1950.

Is Bruce Bilson Married?

However, Bilson was married to Monna Weichman from 1955. However, they divorced in the year 1976. He later got married to Renne Jarret in the year 1981.

Bruce also had two children namely Danny Bilson and Julie Ahlberg. He is a
grandfather of five who are; Rachael Bilson, Hattie Elizabeth Bilson,
Rosemary Bilson, Suki sekula and Sidney Sekula.

His Career

Right from the beginning, Bruce’s life was surrounded by theatre. His mother was an American Screenwriter. Additionally, his father was also a writer and a producer while his brother was a professor of piano at Cornell University.

Throughout his career that began in 1955, Bruce had numerous films produced and directed. Films including; Pate Katelin and Buenos Aires of 1969, The girl who came gift-wrapped, 1974, The Wackiest Wagon Train in the west, 1976, The North  Avenue Irregulars, 1979 and Chattanooga Choo Choo of 1984. He was also at the Crew of directors that released The Flash.

However, he also directed so many Television series such as The Andy Griffith show where he was the assistant director from the year 1969 to 1963, Phase Don’t eat the Daises, 1965, The Patty Duke Show, 1965- episode1, The Doris Day Show 1968-episode1, Arnie, 1970, among others including the famous scientific fiction of The Flash in the year 1991 and wonder woman of 1976.

Bruce retired from the theatre industry in 2006 after serving for fifty one years in the film theatre industry.

Does Bruce have any Awards?

Bruce Bilson won the Primetime Emmy Awards of 1967-1968. As an Outstanding Comedy
Director. Bruce was nominated once and won once.

Net Worth

According to Forbes, Bruce has a net worth of  $5million  dollars.

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