Narges Muhammadi bio-age, imprisonment and Awards

Narges Muhammadi

Narges Muhammadi is a known scientist and a Human Rights activist who is an Iranian Nationale. Muhammadi is also the Vice President of Defenders of Human Rights Centre, DHRC. DHRC is headed by an award winning President Shirin Ebadi. Narges won the 2023 Nobel Peace Prize for her fight against imprisonment of women in Iran.

Narges Muhammadi background and education

So, she was born in Zajan, Iran on 21st April 1972. Therefore, she is 51 years old. Again, she grew up in Oshnaviyeh, karaj and  Qorveh.

In addition, Muhammadi studied at Imam Khomeini International University. Here, she pursued a degree in Science, Physics and she became an professional Engineer. Muhammadi wrote many papers while at Campus that were meant to defend the rights of women. However, Muhammadi was arrested twice in student politics meetings. At her youth, Muhammadi involved herself in mountain climbing groups where she participated fully. However, she as banned from the activities due to her political career.

Muhammadi worked joined a media house upon graduation and became a journalist. Here, she wrote a book of political essays called, the Reforms, the Strategy and the tactics. While still journalist, she joined the Defenders of Human Rights Centre that was headed by Shirin Ebadi in 2003. Muhammadi was later elected as the organization’s Vice President.

Is Narges Muhammadi Married?

In 2001, she got married to journalist Taghi Rahmani. Rahmani was a pro-reform journalist who served a total of 14years of prison sentences. Rahmani relocated to France and left Muhammadi behind. Muhammadi and Rahmani have two children.

Narges Muhammadi imprisonment

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However, her first imprisonment lasted one year and was in 1998. She was arrested because she criticized the Iranian government.

The Islamic Revolutionary court summoned her on April 2010 for her membership in the DHRC. The court released her with a $50000 bail but they arrested her a few days later and jailed her at Evin Prison. Later in 2011, she found herself being prosecuted again, this time because she had involved herself in propaganda against the regime. Also, she was found guilty of Acting against the national security and her membership in DHRC. She was sentenced to 11 years.

She tried to counter her imprisonment through her lawyers and this delayed it. However, in March 2012, her appeal was upheld by the court and the sentence reduced to six years. She began her sentence on April 26th 2012. However, she was released from prison on 31st July 2012. This was due pressure from international bodies. These are; British Foreign Office, Amnesty International and Reporters Without Boarders who said that her life was in particular danger while she is Evin Prison. Also, international individuals like former Canadian Attorney General Irwin Cotler, UK MP Dennia Mark Shane, Italian MP Fiamma Nirenstein and Australian MP Michael Danby.

Narges was again arrested on May 15th 2015 with new charges. These Charges were, founding an illegal group , the Step by Steo to Stop the Death Penalty Campaign, and Collusion against national security. The two charges landed her in ten years imprisonment, five years each. While at prison, she began a hunger strike together with fellow humanitarians at Evin prison. The hunger strike was to protest denial of medical care services. In addition, she was found to have signs of Covid 19 in July 2020 but later recovered in August that year. She was released on October 8th 2020.

 While attending a memorial for Ebrahim Ketabdar, she was arrested on 16th November 2021 at Karaj, Alborz province. Ketabdar was killed by Iranian security forces  in November 2019 during nationwide protests.

Narges released a report via BBC about sexual and physical abuse of prisoned ladies. This was during the protests triggered by the death of Mahsa Amini while in prison in December 2022. Muhammadi gave a report while still in prison. The report indicated the torture of women in Evin Prison including 8350 days in solitary confinement.

In her book White Torture, 2022, she calls the mistreatment of women and actions against human rights as torture, she says that she would not stop until it is abolished. In September 2023, Muhammadi supported Roosarito after he was arrested due to his protest song.

What Awards and Honors Has Muhammadi Gained?

Muhammadi has been accredited by the global community and has received Numerous Awards. These awards include; Alexander Langer Award,2009, Per Anger Award, 2022, Weimer human Rights Awards. Nager has also received many major awards and this include the BBC’s 100 inspiring and influential women and Nobel peace prize, for her fight against oppression of women in iran and her fight to promote human rights and Justice.

Muhammadi had written a book titled White Torture.

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