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Kevin McCarthy whose birth name is Kevin Owen McCarthy is the 55th speaker of the U.S House of Representatives. However, he is a follows the Republican Party and is the current representative of the 20th congressional district of California. McCarthy has served as the speaker of the United States’ speaker as from January to October 2023.

How old is Kevin McCarthy?

McCarthy was born on the 26th of January 1965 in Bakersfield California. Therefore, he is 59 years old.

Early Life of Kevin McCarthy

 He has two siblings and is the last born in the family. His father was an assistant fire chief while his mother was a home maker. Kevin and his family lived at Bakersfield, California in the Middle class outskirts of the city. Here, the major economic activity was agriculture and oil production. McCarthy’s family lived in Bakersfield which is located at Kern County for four generations.  

Where did Kevin study?

Kelvin studied at a community high school in Bakersfield. Later, he joined a Community College in Bakersfield but dropped out to venture into business. In 1987, he went back to school using the profits gained in the business. Therefore, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business in 1989. Again, he joined California State University later and graduated with a master’s degree in business administration in the year 1994.

Wife and children of Kevin McCarthy

Kevin is married to Judy McCarthy and together, they are blessed with a son by the name of Corner McCarthy and a daughter, Meghan McCarthy.

Which Career is Owen Involved in?

Kevin is involved in business and politics as his career where he passionately works.  He started his business ventures in his 20s. Here, he used to repair auto mobiles acquired from auctions and sold them. He won a lottery worth $5000 still at this age. This set a major milestone in his entrepreneurship career. Therefore, he invested the winning in shares and acquired a good profit that he used to purchase a small business which he named ‘Kevin O’s Deli.’ He had been housed at his aunt’s yogurt shop in Bakersfield. Additionally, his political career picked when he was 25 years old where he led the California’s Young Republicans. Later, he became the chair of the Young Republican National Federation from 1999 to the year 2001. He was elected at Kern county community college board of Trustees at the age of 35 years in the year 2000.

Kevin was elected as a member of California assembly in 2002 and became the minority leader in the year 2003. Again, he was elected in the House of Representatives to replace retired Bill Thomas who was his mentor in the year 2003. His political Prominence assured him re-election in the House of Representatives in the year 2008 and an extended victory of up to 2020.

Kevin McCarthy as speaker

While at the service of the House of Representatives, he was elected as the deputy chief whip. He assisted Republicans party whip Eric Cantor. However, he replaced Eric Cantor and became the majority leader in House of Representatives. So, he tried to vie as the speaker of the House of Representatives in the year 2015. However, his candidature was terminated due to rumors of; unfaithfulness in marriage, question about his conservativeness and his statements about a republican investigation that was said to defame the former secretary of state and a presidential candidate of that time, Hillary Clinton.

Again, in January 3rd 2023, during the 118th congress, he was unable to secure a majority of the cast votes. This is because he was opposed by 19 of his party mates, Republicans and all the Democrats. It was a history keeping scenario which last occurred in 1923 where the first ballot did not produce a speaker. In January 7th, he managed to secure the majority of votes and became the speaker of the 118th congress. 

McCarthy as the Speaker of the House of Representatives

His tenure as the speaker began immediately after he was elected on 7th January 2023. He initiated a funding bill to fund the federal government. However, the bill failed to pass as all Democrats and 21 Republicans opposed it. McCarthy’s argument was the federal government was to be granted funding or a government shutdown would occur on 1st October 2023. To the mercy of the federal government, a temporary bill had to be passed. President Biden passed the bill, to prevent the government shut down. The bill also reduced Ukrainian funding as well as major federal consumptions. McCarthy said in a media press conference that, “The democrats tried to do everything they can to stop my government funding bill.” He added and said that, “If somebody wants to remove me because I want to be an adult in the room, go ahead and try.”

Matt Gaetz filed a motion to remove McCarthy from his seat by the reason of working with a bipartisan deal. This motion was passed by a vote of 216 and a rejection of 210 . So it led to termination of McCarthy’s tenure as a speaker. This occurrence on 3rd October 2023 set the lines of American History. As the first speaker to be removed from the role by the House of Representatives. McCarty said that he is not at will to vie for a seat of the speaker again.

What is his Net Worth?

The estimate of his net worth is about $30 million.

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