Kidney Failure, symptoms, causes, and treatment.

Kidney failure
Kidney failure

Kidney failure occurs when the kidney can’t do its work, overloading the body with toxins. In addition, it can also be life-threatening. Acute kidney failure happens when the kidney suddenly becomes unable to filter waste products from the blood. There is no cure for kidney failure, but it is possible to live a long life with treatment. Furthermore, people with this illness live active lives and continue to do the things they love.

Functions of the kidney.

Removing waste products and extra water from the body.

Help in making red blood cells.

Help to control blood pressure.

Keep the right levels of electrolytes.



High blood pressure.

Abnormal blood.

Loss of appetite.

Shortness of breath.

Weight loss.

Low red blood cell count.



The most common causes are diabetes and high blood pressure.

High blood pressure- means blood travels through the body’s blood vessels with increased pressure. Over time, untreated high blood pressure can damage the kidney tissue

Diabetes- consistently high blood sugar can damage the body’s organs, including the kidney.


Acute prerenal kidney failure-this is insufficient blood flow to the kidney. The kidney can’t filter toxins from the blood without enough blood flow. However, this type of kidney failure can be cured once the cause of the decreased blood flow is determined.

Acute intrinsic –this is a result of direct trauma to the kidney.

Chronic prerenal- when there is not enough blood flowing to the kidney for a long period of time, the kidney starts to shrink and lose the ability to function.

Chronic intrinsic kidney failure –this happens when there is long-term damage to the kidney. Nevertheless, it is due to intrinsic kidney disease.

Chronic post-renal kidney failure- this is a long-term blockage of the urinary tract that prevents urination. In addition, it causes pressure and eventual kidney damage.


Dialysis- this treatment helps the body to filter the blood. In hemodialysis, a machine regularly cleans the body for you. Therefore, people often receive this kidney failure treatment at a hospital.

Kidney transplant-this is where the doctor places a healthy kidney in the body to take over the work of the damaged organs. In addition, people can live well with one healthy kidney.

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