Boston Bruins history, logo, loses to Penguins, net worth.

Boston Bruins jpg
Boston Bruins jpg

Boston Bruins is a hockey team found in Boston. The team is a member of the Atlantic division. It represents The National Hockey League. The hockey game comprises of a three 20 minutes period. The total time used for playing it is 60minutes (1hour), with two 17 minutes and 30 seconds intermissions. The team was founded in 1924. It is categorized as one of the oldest team in the US. It is also the most active and also the oldest in the history of NHl.

The history of Boston Bruins

The famous hockey team is owned by Jeremy M Jacobs. Additionally, the captain is Brad Marchand. Jacob has been under it’s ownership for 49 years. Apart from owning it, he is also the chairperson of a famous hospitality company, Dela ware north. Boston Bruin is amongst the original six NHL teams. The other teams include; Chicago Blackhawks, Detroit Redwin, Montreal Canadian, Toronto maple leafs and network rangers. It was hosted for its first time match in Boston arena. It is the oldest facility in the world. Later, Boston arena changed it’s name to Mathews Arena. After a while, the team had it’s games played at home at Boston gardens. Later, the team was moved to TD gardens. It has won a Stanley cup six times.

So, the initial logo since 1948 was a gold wheel with 8 spokes and a B at the middle. However, recently in 2023 it has changed it’s logo .The reason behind changing it was to serve the year 2023-2024 competitions.

Boston Bruins loses to Penguins

In the current attorney competitions, they lost a game to the Penguins. They scored five while the penguins registered six. Two of its scores came from Brad Marchand. In summary, it has lost a total of seven games in the current ongoing season. Their next game will be played on Saturday 11 2024.They will play versus the famous team, MTl. The bruins are positive to get a win this time round despite losing previous games.

Net worth

The bruins have a current net worth of $ 1.4 billion. Its ranked amongst the richest NHL Hockey teams in the world .

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