Coffee Farming in Kenya, Types and, benefits.

Arabica coffee
Arabica coffee

Coffee is one of the most grown cash crops in Kenya. Coffee farming in Kenya is a major practice since it is beneficial. It was first grown in Kenya by the Romans at St. Austin near Nairobi in 1889.

There are two main types of coffee which are:

  1. Robusta coffee
  2. Arabica coffee


What Is Robusta Coffee?

There are more than a hundred types of coffee, robusta coffee is the second-best coffee after arabica. The robusta coffee is the second and the most common of the two types of coffee. Despite its flavor being less refined, people widely use it since it produces better cream in coffee. The cream is the top layer found on top of an espresso shot. Robusta coffee is resistant to diseases more than arabica coffee this produces more yields.

Keypoint: Robusta coffee packs a lot of caffeine in it.

How Does Robusta Coffee Taste Like?

It tastes earthy and has a bitter taste with a peanut-like flavor. However, when brewed, it smells more like molasses. Robusta coffee contains high caffeine and fewer sugars in it.

How Much Caffeine Is In Robusta?

Many don’t know the rate of caffeine robusta coffee has in it. The caffeine in the robusta coffee bean is twice as much as that of the arabica coffee.

Benefits of robusta Coffee.

There are many benefits of robusta coffee these are;

  1. Robusta coffee is one of the best coffee for weight loss. As far as one does not mix it with milk and sugar. Robusta helps more in weight loss since it has even less natural than Arabic.
  2. The beans of robusta coffee, are more aromatic and bitter. Whereas this can help a lot with nausea issues.
  3. High levels of caffeine in robusta, helps with antioxidants that are beneficial to our skin and hair. Moreover, caffeine boosts metabolism and invigorates muscles for exercise.
  4. The robusta plant is also good for the environment however it being a coffee product 1 hectare of robusta plants produce 86 lbs of oxygen.

Where Is Robusta Grown?

It is grown in most of the Eastern Hemisphere whereas some of it is grown in the South and Central of America.


Arabica coffee is a type of coffee that is from the coffee arabica plant. In addition, arabica is the dominant coffee that most people use today. It is 70% across the globe.

It has a mild taste and sweetness that is light and fair. However, arabica takes about seven years to mature fully. It grows best in high-altitude areas.

Key point: Arabica contains almost 60% of more lipids and almost twice the amount of sugar that robusta has.

Benefits Of Arabica Coffee.

  1. It has high amounts of potassium that helps to regulate the hydration of the body.
  2. It is known for beauty when added to moisturizers and skin toners.
  3. Helps to lessen the level of glucose in the body which acts as a treatment for diabetes.
  4. Helps one to stay alert because of the high caffeine content in it.

Benefits Of Coffee Farming.

  • Creates job employments for youth.
  • Coffee sales generate revenue for the farmers.
  • The country earns foreign exchange.
  • Helps in the growth of infrastructure in the country.

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