Leslie Van Houten age, husband, children, imprisonment, death.

Leslie Van Houten jpg
Leslie Van Houten jpg

Leslie Van Houten was an American who was a former member of the Mansion’s family. Again, she worked for Charles Manson who was the cult leader. She was also a convicted murderer and went for three trials. Van was however denied parole five times.

Leslie Van Houten age, parents and siblings

Leslie was born on 23rd August 1949 at California. Her parents were Pan Van Houten and Jane Van Houten. Additionally, she grew together with her two adopted siblings, a sister and her brother who were both Korean. Her parents divorced when she was fourteen years old. Leslie begun using drugs like marijuana at the age of fifteen years.

Leslie Van Houten husband and children

However, she was married to William Syvin in 1982. Their marriage only lasted only two months. William has also been to prison and knew Charles Manson. However, she did not have any known children.


Leslie was able to earn a bachelor’s degree in counseling while still in prison. She studied at Monrovia high school. Also, she worked at Daily voice and had acquired good computer skills. Therefore, she used the degree she acquired in prison to do volunteer work while she still served in prison.

How Leslie acquired her wealth?

Leslie acquired most of her wealth while still in prison. She took advantage of the media coverage and book release and saved while still in prison as she hoped she could get a parole.

Leslie van houten’s net worth

Her net worth ranged from $1 million to 15million by the time she died.

Why was Leslie van Houten imprisoned?

Leslie was imprisoned for seven years for murder twice and attempted murder once. Again she was convicted for murdering le Bianca and his wife. Initially she was sentenced to death but was changed to life imprisonment after death was abolished.

Leslie van Houten death and causes

Leslie died a natural death in 2017.

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