Best Places That People Don’t Know About.

The Forbidden City In Beijing.
The Forbidden City In Beijing.

There are different places in the world that people don’t know about. Here are some places that we are going to talk over about, the different places that you don’t know about are:

1.Island Of The Dolls In Mexico.

A trip to the island in Mexico sounds great if only it wasn’t packed with dead-looking dolls. This place, Islas de las Muñecas, as its name, is located in the South of Mexico City in the Xochimilco Channels.

However, hundred of dolls hunged on the trees are clothless while it is said that their eyes move, in addition, they are said to be possessed by the spirit of a girl that drowned near the Island.

However, people don’t know that, legend has it that the former island caretaker began to hang the dolls. After he found the dead body of the girl, whereas in which the spirit possessed him.

2. The Forbidden City In Beijing.

Most people don’t know about this city. This city is mysterious and alluring. It was the Imperial Palace for over 600 years, stretching from the Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty.

However, many deaths and murders occurred between servants and officials while wanting to eliminate opposition in the ranks.

In addition, people have reported hearing music played at night and have seen groups of ladies in and eunuchs walking by only to disappear around the corner.

3. Rose Hall Great House in Jamaica.

When you think of the Caribbean, am sure that the first thing that comes to your mind is not ghosted stories, zombies, or witches. However, today we are here to eliminate those thoughts. The region is full of spooky stories.

The Magnificent Rose Hall Great House in Montego Bay is haunted by the white witch who is known as Annie. She tortured slaves and killed them in the basement of her Great House of Horrors. While she was sleeping with her slaves, her ex-lover killed her.

Moreover, the voodoo ritual sealing Annie to her grave wasn’t successful. Centuries after her death, the ghost of Annie still roams the halls of the house.

4. North Korea.

Kim Jong Un’s rule is more than ever. If you were planning to go on a vacation to this Country, you have to seek help first because there is something wrong. The Country has tight rules that can lead to even death penalty.

Things You Didn’t Know About North Korea.

  • Haircuts in North Korea are equal for all. Women and men have limited hairstyles that they endure. However, the president is the only one who has different hair style which is not in the list.
  • Everyone must vote not regarding their age, thats a no breaking rule.
  • Furthemore, it is illegal to own a Bible in this Country.
  • Likewise, driving is not for most. Only people in the government and rich own cars the rest use government transport methods.

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