Chinese new year celebrations, 2022 year of the Tiger.

Chinese new year
Chinese new year

Chinese new year celebration in 2022, the year of the Tiger took place marking the begging of the Lunar year. New year celebrations come every after the end of one year and the beginning of a new one. On 31st February 2022 at midnight, the Chinese people got to celebrate their New Year. It is always held on the 1st of February.

Many people start celebrating this day as the beginning of the Lunar New Year. This year marks the change from the year of the Ox to the year of a Tiger.

Celebrations Of the Chinese New year.

However, the celebrations last for 16 days in accordance with Chinese tradition. In the year 2022, it started yesterday from the 31st of January till the 15th of February. In addition, it Is starting from Chinese New Year’s Eve to Lantern Festival.

Holiday Spirit.

As with other Holidays, Chinese people get 7 days off from work from January 31st to the 6th of February month.

Most Notable days of Lunar New Year.

  • New Year’s Eve on 31st of January.
  • New Year’s Day on 1st of February.
  • The Lantern Festival on 15th of February.

How to get Good Luck in The Year of The tiger.

The water Tiger comes from the Tiger’s five elements, which are: (Gold, wood, fire, water, and earth). Chinese people believe that what you do in the new year will affect your coming year. In addition staying up on Chinese New Year’s Eve, (31st of January) and saying good words to your family and friends after the clock hits 12 O’Clock will bring you good luck.

Moreover, giving out gifts like the red packets to the kids and elders helps to cast away the bad luck (Demon Nian).

Besides, decorating your house with kumquat trees symbolizes wealth and good luck. In other cases, wearing your lucky color and eating lucky foods like rice dumplings are other ways of getting lucky.

Your Horoscope in The Year the of Tiger.

However, wearing red socks and, underwear will help Tigers ward off misfortune. Meanwhile, in other ways, the Ox and the goat are the two luckiest Zodiac signs in the year 2022.

In addition; Rabbit, Dragon, Horse, and Rooster people are destined to enjoy a smooth life and good luck in money-making this year.

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