Who is Chris Boswell age, wife, children, his fame.

Chris Boswell jpg
Chris Boswell jpg

Chris Boswell was an American footballer. He is 1.88 meters tall and eighty four kilograms heavy He played for Pittsburgh Steelers as a long distance kicker.

Chris Boswell birthday, parents and siblings

However, he was born in a family of four on the sixteenth of march 1991 at Texas, united States’. He was born to Dawn Boswell and Rick Boswell. His brother’s name was Stephen Boswell. Little information is however known about the other siblings and what Stephen does for a living. The three of them grew together in Texas until adulthood caught up with them.

Chris Boswell’s wife and children

The American footballer is however not married but engaged to his fiance Havan Fox. The two are said to be seen in social media platform posting photos of an adorable family-including a son which raises the question if he has a son or not. Rumors though not confirmed have it that they have a son but much information was not revealed regarding the son.

Chris career

Boswell attended Rice university. Later, he worked with Pittsburgh Steelers in 2015 where he helped to lead them to win over Cincinnati when he hit four field goals. Boswell is named on of the best NFL players. During the 2024 NFL drafting, he went undrafted and as a result he signed as a free agent. He also joined New York Giants as a volunteer member. Chris Boswell is also known as the ‘long distance kicker’

Why Chris missed 2022 games

Boswell was reported to have missed the games in 2022. This is because he was feeling unwell as reported by his brother Stephen who said that he was nursing a two degree groin injury. He was however replaced by Nick Sciba during the tournament.

His fame

Bowell is known for making the longest kick in history. Such kind of a kick had never been witnessed before in Pittsburgh stadium. He made the goal from fifty yards.

Chris Boswell Net worth

His net worth is approximated to $2.91 million.

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