Things you stop doing for people to like you.

Things to stop doing

Do you know the things you stop doing for people to like you? As a person you get frustrated that people you judge are more popular. Therefore, you should know that there are things you do which they don’t like themselves. However, you can take some steps to change and improve your life by taking responsibility. We should know that there are small things we do that make us less likeable. Below is a list of things we should stop doing to make us likeable.

Avoid offering unwanted advice

If it happens that someone you know has a problem, before telling them about it, it is good to ask them if they want to hear your experience and advice. If not, find another way to help them because this is one of the ways which can make you less likeable. Furthermore, if you ask them, it will reduce the risk of being seen as a boring person.

Being late

We all know that time flies and let’s always be the pilot. If you are late somewhere, It seems you don’t respect others’ time. Remember that you always say that your time is the most important. What you should know is that people always notice this. So it’s good to arrive early everywhere.

Not accepting compliments

If you are the kind of person who rejects compliments, then you seem to be boatsful and socially inadequate. What you should know is that you also make the compliment giver feel awkward. Therefore it’s good to accept any kind of compliment with something like Thanks, it means a lot to me. When you accept a compliment you make that person feel worthy.

Being rude to service staff

Sometimes you can be rude without any consequences. If it happens you are abusive or you get rude to someone whose job is to serve you, you are probably rude and offensive to others. This is one of the ways which makes you greatly less likeable to others. You find that even the service staff gets annoyed the moment they see you. Just get a look at social media and how everyone sucks up to the people in power or that have something to offer them.

Getting people’s names wrongly

You should know that the sweetest sound in the English language is someone’s real name. Therefore remembering and using it will make it more likeable. If it happens you forget someone’s name, it, means that they don’t matter a lot to you. To others, it may seem like you are boasting. If you meet someone and you do not catch their name, it’s good to correct this mistake early.

Being an aggressive driver

As a driver, you have people in the car whom you want to impress when you speed up to 120 miles thinking that they love it. The truth is that you should know that you are scaring them to death. Similarly, you show anger and impatience if you spend time fleeing other drivers off and cursing in the car do what what you do. Therefore, it is the best time as a driver you stop being aggressive to your passengers.

Being negative

If it happens that you encounter a negative person, just eliminate them from your life. Ask yourself the importance of such a person who sucks the life out of you. That’s what people feel when you take your negativity to them. If you catch yourself complaining while everybody looks uncomfortable, just stop.


Things to stop doing image of gossipers

What you should know is that people know that if you are gossiping with them, you will be gossiping about them. If the gossip gets back to the target, you have just made an enemy. This will make you not only less likeable but also will create hatred.

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