What should you not do on an airplane?

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Do you know the things you should not do on an airplane? It is good to know that airport flights have several rules that should always be followed to ensure passengers’ safety. However, breaking these rules can lead to several punishments. These punishments include; extremely high fees, getting blacklisted on specific flights, and even a lengthy jail sentence. There are other unspoken rules and best practices that require significant attention. If you want to have a comfortable flight and reach your destination without making enemies, consider some of these tips.

Opening doors midflight

Some of these rules are obvious even if we fail to highlight them. However, we must address it because of incidents where passengers trying to open cabin doors have become more serious. One of the recent incidents involved a passenger opening the cabin door on an Asiana flight as it was preparing to land.

Drinking Carbonated Drinks

Soft drinks and other carbonated beverages are the common drinks served on flights. The best thing is to consume them in minimal or totally avoid them. You should know that at higher altitudes, carbonated drinks increase the building up of intestinal gas. This can cause severe bloating and nausea. Getting sick on board, especially on a long flight can be frustrating. Therefore you should avoid carbonated drinks and opt for fruit juices and bottled water.

Removing Shoes and Socks

Things not todo on an airplane

The most important thing here is knowing your body. If you know that you get sweaty or smelly feet, you should avoid removing your shoes or socks during the flight. This habit of removing shoes and kicking back is always tempting. Even if your feet do not produce any unpleasant smell, it is good to keep them on to avoid making other passengers feel uncomfortable.

Remaining Glued To Your Seat

Remaining seated for a long time at home, in the office, and especially on board is not advised. You should know that during flights, blood circulation is slower. So when you remain in one position for hours, this could increase the risk of Thrombosis. The formation of clots in the blood vessels.

Therefore, passengers are not restricted to remaining in their seats throughout. To ensure smooth blood circulation, they are advised to stand up and stretch.

Letting Children Run Around

Passengers with little children should never give them the freedom to run around in the cabin for countless reasons. Some of the flights allow some passengers to catch up on work or sleep. Therefore, having children running around can be totally disturbing. Children can easily get injured and start demanding a medical emergency on board.

Wearing Contact Lenses

This sounds strange. However, it is not advised to wear contact lenses when flying. This is because they make the eyes drier which can make a very uncomfortable situation when combined with the dry air inside the cabin. If it’s your first time flying with contact lenses, you will start wondering why your eyes feel weird.

Joking About Bombs

Despite that many people appreciate a good laugh. There are certain jokes you can make on a plane for obvious reasons. You should know that safety is the most important pillar of the aviation industry. Making jokes about bombs during flight or even at the airport could frighten other passengers. This can be taken seriously and you find yourself in the interrogation room. In a more severe situation, it could lead to a flight taking an emergency landing. Airports can also be closed for hours while searches take place.

Smoking and Vaping

This has been banned even though it was common there before. Some passengers think they can get away with smoking cigarettes and vaping in lavatories. However, most carriers have installed smoke detectors, and therefore breaking this rule can get you in some serious trouble.

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