Danielle Ballard Death, Height, Accident, Wife, Family, Net Worth

Danielle Ballard
Danielle Ballard

Danielle Ballard Wikipedia

Danielle Ballard was a basketball player, a psychologist and a yoga instructor. She also worked in the department of education as a teacher at West Contra Costa.

When was Danielle Ballard born?

Danielle Ballard was born on sixteenth November 1993, in Tennessee, US. She attended high school at Mephis Central. While still in high school, she was the best basketball player and she won state companionship in 2010.

Danielle Ballard’s parents and siblings.

Ballard was born to Danny Nolen and Blanche Nollen. It is not known what her parents did for a living. She grew alongside her four brothers namely Danny Nolen, Darian Nolen and Daniel Nolen. However, little information is known about them and how their childhood was like.

Was Danielle Ballard married?

The famous basketball player wasn’t married by the time of her death. However, she was engaged (according to her Facebook profile) but she hadn’t revealed the name of the person she was engaged to. She did not also have any children of her own.

Danielle Ballard career

She studied her high school education at Mephis Central. Danielle was also a doctoral student at California school of psychology. She dealt with Habit reversal training, Exposure response prevention and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Danielle was also a yoga instructor and she was very passionate about working with children and their families to achieve their goals. Danielle received her degree from Northern Arizona University. Additionally, she worked for the LSU Tigers as a guard in basketball. After her graduation in 2015, she worked as a basketball coach at Mephis.

Danielle Ballard accident

Danielle died at the age of twenty nine years. She was hit by a car in Mephis. She was taken to the nearest hospital and pronounced dead. The driver who hit her cooperated with the police for investigation but it is not known what the conclusions were. Danielle died at the age of 29 years.

Danielle Ballard’s net worth

Ballard’s net worth was $30 000 per the year when she begun serving as a coach.

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