Leonardo DiCaprio Age, Father, Wife, Movies, Net Worth

Leonardo DiCaprio jpg
Leonardo DiCaprio jpg

Leonardo DiCaprio is an American actor and film producer. He is behind the production of the famous movie, the titanic. His height is about 1.83 metres tall.

Leonardo DiCaprio age

He was born on November eleventh in 1974 at California,US. He is 49 years old.

Leonardo DiCaprio Father

He is the son of George DiCaprio and Irmelin Indenbriken. Leonardo was their only child and therefore was not lucky to have any siblings. He however had childhood friends whom they grew together with. One of his friends Henry Nahmad had scandals with Triumph but he was pardoned. The other childhood friends are Toby Maguire and Richie Akiva.

Leonardo DiCaprio Wife and children.

The American actor has never been married before despite dating multiple women. He is also known for his love for younger women who are below twenty five years. Currently, he is said to be dating Italian Model Victoria Morrone and Kate Winslet. He also doesn’t have kids of his own. According to him, children are not a priority.


He has a soft spot for wildlife. He fights to keep them protected and also helps people to deal with drastic climate changes.

Leonardo DiCaprio career

He grew up in an unfriendly environment which was full of promiscuous behaviour like prostitution. He also came from a poor neighborhood. Leonardo attended Los Angeles center for four years and later joined seeds elementary school. He had his high school studies at John marshal High School.

He started acting at six years on the tv show Romper room. Additionally, he made many films in his teenage years, both commercial and educational. His major breakthrough was seen in 1992 when he acted this boys life. Leonardo won an Academy award in 1993. He has also won six Oscar awards throughout his acting journey. He was also featured in the famous movie titanic as jack dawson. This was one of the greatest films he ever made as it doubled his income.

Leonardo DiCaprio movies

He has acted quite a variety of movies including catch me if you can, The aviator,Inception, The Great Gatsby, Romeo and Juliet, Once upon a time and don’t look up. The movie titanic played a very pivotal role in his career as it doubled his income.

Leonardo DiCaprio Net worth

His net worth is approximated to $300 million. His movie titanic paid him USD twenty million.

Rumours have it that the famous film producer had an affair with the famous model Eden Polani. It is not known if they are still together with Victoria however.

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