Geraldo Rivera age, wife, children, illness, career, net worth.

Geraldo Rivera
Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo Rivera is an American author, journalist and an attorney. He is also known for working at Fox News channel as the political commentator.

Geraldo’s age, parents and siblings

The American author was born on forth July 1943 at Israel, Mount Sinai. He was born in a family of seven. Hevwad the second born son of Lilian Friedman who was a restaurant worker and Cruz Rivera who was a cab driver. Again, his siblings were Craig Rivera, Sharon Rivera, Irene Rivera and Wilfred Rivera. Information. About their childhood is however not available to the public.

Geraldo Rivera’s five wives and five children

Geraldo Rivera had married five times. His wives were: Erica Mitchell, Cynthia Cruickshank (1997-2000), Sheryl Raymond, Linda Coblents, and Edith Vonnegut. However, he had five children ;Three girls and two boys. His children are: Simone, Solita Liliana, Cruz Grant, Isabella Holmes and Gabrielle Rivera It is said that Geraldo had a son which he refused to acknowledge.

Geraldo River’s career

He studied at Sunny Maritime college, Brooklyn Law School and the University of Arizona. Geraldo was a co-cost of the show ‘the five ‘He worked in WABC Tv in Newyork as a reporter. However, he was fired for criticizing the president and for also refusing to air a colleague’s story. Additionally, he won an award called the Peabody award for uncovering a story on abuse of patients. He is also known for producing ‘The mystery, of Alcapone’s vault which attracted so many viewers. In his years as a journalist, he held a sensitive subject about satanic rituals that made many people believe in their existence. This resulted to many people being being wrongly accused. He later owned his mistakes and apologized to the public.

Geraldo Rivera’s net worth

Geraldo’s net worth is estimated to be $20 million

Diseases that Geraldo Rivera is fighting

However, he has had several surgeries including a heart surgery. He is also fighting multiple sclerosis. Recently he has been spotted walking with canes because of a foot injury.

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