Huw Edwards age, wife children, depression, BBC, worth.

Huw Edwards jpg
Huw Edwards jpg

Huw Edwards is a journalist, newsreader and a TV presenter. He was the lead presenter of BBC at ten O’clock but he was suspended in July 2023.

Huw Edwards age, parents, siblings and childhood

He was born on eighteenth of august 1961 at Bridgend. Therefore, he is 62 years old. He was born to Hywel Teifi Edwards who was a professor of Welsh language at University of Swansea and his mother, Aerona Prothereo who was a teacher. Also, he has one sister by the name of Meinir Edwards who is an author. Both of them grew up in Glamorgan. Their parents being teachers made their education life easier.

Huw Edwards spouse and children

Huw is married to one wife, Vicky Flind who was a producer of shoes like peston. The two are blessed with five children namely Dan, Amos, Rebecca, Hannah and Sammy.

His career

So, he studied his degree at University of Cardiff. He started broadcasting as a trainee in the year 1984. Additionally, he hosted the six o’clock news and the ten o’clock news in BBC. Recently before his suspension, he had acquired a pay rise which made him one of the best paid journalist in the BBC. Huw presented many documents for BBC majority on Welish culture. Again, he was featured on the film Skyfall as a starring.

Edwards events in BBC

He covered major events which played a pivotal role in his fame. Some of the events he covered are: Prince Williams wedding, Prince Harry’s wedding, and The death and state funeral of queen Elizabeth.

Why Huw was fired in BBC

Huw was fired after allegations for sexual misconduct made in ‘the sun.’ However, investigations about the same has bore no fruits since the metropolitan police found no evidence on the accusations.

His battles depression

However, he confessed to battle mental health for at least twenty years. He described the depression as a strong wave that comes and goes. Again, he is also fighting anxiety. Also, he says that depression has left him bedridden as sometimes he is unable to get out of bed.

Huw Edwards net worth

So, his net worth is estimated to $ three million currently.

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