TB Joshua age, origin, controversy issues, wife, children, worth.

TB Joshua the preacher jpeg
TB Joshua the preacher jpeg

TB Joshua was a televangelist and a pastor. His full name is Temitope Brian Joshua. He founded the synagogue church of all nations (SCON). The church runs the famous TV station, Emmanuel tv in Nigeria.

Age and early life of TB Joshua

The famous pastor was born on 12 June 1963 at Arigidi Akoko, Nigeria. He was the son of Folarin Bologun and Kolawale Bolagun. His father worked as a translator for the Yoruba language. Later, he died. His mother’s occupation remains unknown for now. However, he did not have any siblings, he was their only child. Joshua was raised by his uncle after his father’s death. So, the man believed that he stayed in his mother’s womb for 15 months .Joshua came from an extremely poor background. Additionally, he schooled at St Stephens Anglican primary school. However, he only studied in secondary school for one year. There after, he dropped out and started a job in a poultry farm. In school, he was nicknamed as a small pastor. This is because of the love he had for the bible.

Joshua founded the synagogue church of all nations. The church attracted more than 15’000 members. His sermons were mostly about healing, deliverance and slightly preaching. People travelled from far and wide to witness his miracles. Also, he travelled to different parts of the world to preach the gospel.

Wife and children

Joshua was the husband to Evelyn Joshua. They had gotten married in the year 1990. However, little was known about Eva’s occupation. The two have three children together who are Serah, Promise and heart.

Controversy issues about TB Joshua

Ironically, most pastors described Joshua as the son of the devil. He found himself in hot soup in the year 2011. This is after BBC exposed the death of 3 people. He was alleged to have discouraged them to take medications in order to be ‘spiritually healed.’ Additionally, he covered up for a building that collapsed in his church’s compound where close to 150 people died.

TB Joshua exposed!

After carrying out investigations for two years, BBC published shocking findings about his church. It made it’s report in early 2024. About more than 150 people lived in his compound as disciples. It was also found out that he abused people by torturing them, raping them and forcing women to have abortions.

BBC also reported that his miracles were calculated. Joshua was famous for carrying out special miracles like healing deadly illnesses. He also delivered people with ‘evil spirits.’ BBC found out that all these was nothing but comedy, and hot air.

Emmanuel TV banned

Multi choice had recently confirmed that the TV station had been banned from go TV and Dstv respectively.


The famous preacher died on June 2021. The cause of his death was unknown. After his death, his wife took over the church.

Net worth

He had an estimated net worth of between $10m and $15 m by the time of his death.

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