Aisha Jumwa bio, husband, education, net worth.

Aisha Jumwa

 Aisha Jumwa whose full name is Aisha Jumwa Katana is a well-known politician who comes from the coast. The country also knows her due to her vocal nature when it comes to dealing with issues, especially in politics.   Jumwa is very firm in whatever matters she deals with.

Aisha Jumwa
Aisha Jumwa


Hon. Aisha was born on March 23rd, 1975 in Takaungu which is in Kilifi South Constituency in Kilifi County.

Education of Aisha Jumwa

She started her education at Takaungu Primary School. After completing, joined Murray Girls Secondary. During her study in secondary school, her parents lacked the finances to pay her school fees. Therefore, She dropped out of form two. She stayed home for two years before she decided to start a small business.

Later on, there was a vacancy for a councilor and so, she gave it a trial. Fortunately, she was elected. Through the job she secured as a councilor, she managed to go back to school and complete her secondary education. Also, after completing, she further went to Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in the year 2013.  There, she graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in the year 2016. By then, she had already left the councilor post and become the women’s representative.

Family of Aisha Jumwa

Jumwa has been married twice and gone through a divorce for both marriages  With her first marriage, the husband did not want her to be in politics and therefore, he gave her options of choosing the marriage or being in politics. Jumwa decided to go for politics. Thereafter, there was the intervention of the area sub-chief and they agreed that the dowry paid for her should be refunded. Jumwa took the step of driving the animals personally back to the parents-in-law.

After some years, she got married again to Karisa Nzai, who is an ex-Jomvu Member of the County Assembly. Again, the marriage came to an end when Jumwa was elected Kilifi Woman Representative. Aisha has three children, two daughters, and a son. The names of the children are Karisa Kalume, Selina Sidi, and Ruth. Aisha is also a grandmother. 


So, she began her political career journey as an activist at the coast. Here, attended several political meetings developing the eagerness to fight for what she termed as injustices at the coast. Also, she served as Takangu KANU youth leader and was later elected as Takangu Municipality councilor twice between the years 1997 and 2007. Hon. Raila Odinga would refer to Jumwa as Mekatilli Wa Menza, who was a well-known freedom fighter. This was due to her firmness, fearlessness, and confidence.

Also, she was elected Kilifi woman rep in the year 2013 on the Orange Democratic Movement party (ODM). In 2017, she was elected Malindi Township MP still on an ODM party ticket. In the 2022 election, she left The Odinga Party and went for Rutos’ party where she also gave him her support in his Presidential race.

Cabinet secretary appointment

On 27th September 2022, Jumwa was appointed The cabinet secretary for public service by President William Ruto.

Cabinet Reshuffle

On 4th October 2023, President Ruto made a reshuffle of the cabinet. Therefore, as for Aisha, a new ministerial portfolio was established which is The Ministry of Gender, Culture, the Arts and Heritage. This is the ministry she was moved to.

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