How my YouTube channel will get a million views?

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YouTube Live is a good way for content creators to reach their audience in actual time. You may decide to stream teaching a class or have a workshop. It has tools that enable you to manage your live stream. Also, you  interact  directly with viewers

Going live more frequently on YouTube

Each day, people from all walks of life in the world go to YouTube. They do this to experience the world’s biggest cultural moments. So, whether you are hosting a live charity event or doing a press conference about news, do it live. YouTube Live and Premiers help you to bring viewers together in actual time to learn, discuss together, and form a social community. Youtube algorithm helps push your content to the top when you make it go live frequently. However, it is determined by the professionality of your content. It uses tools like PepoCloud or Vimeo.

Make sure you find a Niche to use on your YouTube

It may be a little bit difficult to find a niche when you are just starting. You may also not have the right equipment or even know what to say. Editing your content or producing videos may also be hard. However, with some help from YouTube, you can start off with what you have and later make it great. Therefore, the platform is a great place for everyone to start since it has all the tools that you may require at no charge. Also, they are easy to learn and enough for everyone.

Building an Audience of your Subscribers and Viewers on YouTube


Social media is a good option to go for when building an audience. It is a good platform to help reach out to a large crowd of people and also build a following. There are also other different ways to use social media to yourself.

You can use it to advertise, create awareness, and build relationships with your clients. You can also use it as a research tool. Again, you can promote your content which is also a good way of interacting with your crowd.

Make it a habit to promote your content on Social Media Sites and also in Paid Adverts

So, apart from promoting your content on social media,  you should look into paid adverts. This is to get your content more known to more viewers.

Ensure you monetize the content with Partnerships, Merchandise, and Sponsorships

YouTube ranks as the second most popular site in the world. It has over 1.5 billion users who are active.  Therefore, it is a great platform to create content and also make money from it.

Its Partnerships such as brands, celebs, and content creators create sponsored content or product placement in your content. For merchandise, you may sell items such as shirts, books, utensils, and many others on the channel. In addition, for sponsorships, you can get some payment to host events or speak about brands.

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