Where is Hell’s Gate N. Park? activities, charges.

Hells Gate National Park

Hell’s Gate is a result of rocks that is semi-molten with pressure and solidifies forming beautiful scenery. This result is from 35 years ago. The place needs a guide when climbing up the tower. There is a river that flows down Hell’s gate known as Fraser River about 90-210 feet depending on the seasons. In addition, the pressure of the flowing water resembles the pressure of Niagara Falls. Swimming at the river is not advisable as there are no guards present in the area. Several fish species in the river are visible. They include rainbow, brook trout, and northern squawfish among others. There are cases of accidents from a few years ago. This mostly happens during the rainy season.

Where is Hell’s Gate National Park Located?

Hell’s Gate National Park is in the Great Rift Valley. This is in the South of Lake Naivasha, Nakuru County in Kenya. The park is open from Monday to Sunday every week. Booking in advance is highly encouraged so as to avoid inconveniences. A traveling agency is best when placing a booking as they know well how the place operates.

Fun Activities at Hell’s Gate National Park.


Hiking is one of the most challenging activities for people. It involves going through several spots that block you to attain a certain goal. You will need some light clothing while hiking at Hell’s Gate. Don’t forget to carry some water with you for quenching your thirst.

Climbing Rocks at Fischer’s Tower

Rock climbing involves challenging oneself. The rocks compare to how one can come up with ways of overcoming an obstacle. When one takes on a new challenge, you come out as a very different person. This also helps in mind calming.

Canyons Walk

Canyons walk is a 3metres walk across various scenic beauties. The nature walk is also fulfilling as one passes through rivers and forests. In addition, there are flying birds that you will be able to see as you get through.

Game viewing

Several wild animals are present n this park They include lions, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, buffalo, and baboons. Guides at the park always takes lead on tourist so as to avoid dangers.


Hell's gate National park in Naivasha

This involves riding a bicycle around the park without any interruption. The area has long stretches where a person can practice the art too. However, cycling is therapeutic.


The bushy vegetation and grassland vegetation gives the area a great characteristic of being a camping area. In addition, waking up to a cool atmosphere is great as it calms the mind.

Picnic Events

Picnic events involve family, friends, and workmates too. Organizing this will require a professional to identify a great match for your taste. Having fun in the wild is also an experience worth trying.

Park Entry Fees

  • Rock climbing at Hell’s Gate costs Ksh 4500 per person for Kenyan citizens. Non-residents pay a fee of 66$ when accessing the facility.
  • Cycling at the pay will require a Kenyan or resident to pay a fee of Ksh 2950.
  • In addition, the entrance fee at the place is 27$ for an adult and 15$ for a child.

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