Top Kirinyaga County Tourist Sites.

Mt. Kenya

Kirinyaga county boasts of several popular tourist sites. It is among the five counties located in the former Central region of Kenya. Kirinyaga boarders Embu, Nyeri, Muranga, and Machakos counties. The people of Kirinyaga county are of Bantu origin and very hospitable. Kirinyaga is a Kikuyu name meaning mountain and as such Kirinyaga County derives its name from its proximity to the snow-capped mountain- Mt. Kenya (Kerenyaga). The estimated population of Kirinyaga county is 610,411. Its current governor is Anne Waiguru. In no particular order, some of its top attractions sites are:

Ndaraca ya Ngai (Bridge of God).

Ndaraca ya Ngai

Ndaraca ya Ngai is a scenic natural bridge located off the Nairobi-Embu highway. It is a historical tourist site attraction in Kirinyaga county. During the fight for independence, ndaraca ya Ngai caves the Mau Mau freedom fighters used as a hideout. The locals have myths about the bridge. It is a popular tourist destination among the locals and visitors of Kirinyaga county.

Castle forest lodge.

It is an eco-tourism facility that offers a scenic view of the peaks of Mt. Kenya. Freshwater rivers flow across the facility. It is a destination for those who enjoy nature walks, bird watching, horse riding, sport fishing, and swimming activities.

It offers luxury accommodation in cottages, bungalows, chalets, and budget rooms. The lodge hosted Queen Elizabeth and the first president, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta on separate occasions.

Castle forest lodge is located on the Southwest slopes of Mt. Kenya.

Thingira cultural village

It is a multicultural village created to preserve the traditional setting of the neighboring mount Kenyan people. Thingira cultural village simulates the lifestyle of mount Kenya inhabitants using four traditional homesteads with their complete artifacts.

Activities in the village include camping, bird watching, rock climbing, and cycling adventures. It is located along the Nyeri-Nairobi highway, at the intersection of Kirinyaga, Murang’a, Embu, and Machakos counties.

Rapid Camp

Rapid camp is located at Sagana, Kirinyaga county. It is famous for camping, zip-lining adventures, white water rafting, river trekking, bungee jumping, chopper trips, kayaking, bird watching, sports fishing, river boarding, and rock climbing adventures.

Mwea irrigation scheme

Mwea irrigation scheme is located in Mwea, Kirinyaga county. It is famous for pishori rice production. It offers very good scenery of rice paddies.

Rice growing in Mwea

River Nyamindi

River Nyamindi originates from the melting ice of Mt. Kenya. Alongside river Thiba it feeds to Tana river.

Mount Kenya

Mt. Kenya is the highest in Kenya and the second in East Africa after Mt. Kilimajaro. It is a volcanic mountain and a home to different wild animals. It is popular with mountain climbers and nature lovers. After Kenya gained its independence, a Kenyan flag was hosted at its peak.

Savage wilderness

Savage wilderness is located in Sagana. It is popular for team-building activities, rafting, kayaking, swimming adventures, camping, mountain biking,zip-lining, and rock climbing.

Jagwani camp

It is located along the Nyeri-Nairobi highway at Sagana. It provides swimming, simple rafting, fishing, main rafting, kayaking, nature walks, archery, mountain biking, and team-building activities.

Jagwani camp, Sagana

Sagana Cayon/Gorge

The deep narrow passage, Sagana cayon offers a breathtaking view of the beautiful Kiambicho and Kiamuti hills.

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