Reasons Why Women Break Up With Men.

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Which are the reasons that make women break up with men? There is a fair share of women out there who don’t have a problem kicking a guy to the curb. In fact, they are perfect at how to break up with a guy when things go bad or they aren’t fulfilled.

However, sometimes it’s better to be single if it means getting rid of the main source of anger and frustration. Here are some of the main reasons why you find women breaking up with men:

If He’s Moody

It is true that guys hate to be poked and prodded to discuss their feelings. However, shouldn’t you feel lucky that you have someone in your life who cares enough and is attentive to notice a change in your mood and ask what’s up?

The thing men should understand about women is that they sense when something is off in a matter of seconds after you step through the door.

If He’s Bad In Bed

Women say that fumbling is cute the first time you get it on but afterward is just awkward.

You need to ask them if they like certain moves, listen to them, and pay attention. They feel awkward telling you what works for them and what doesn’t. So you have to meet them halfway by paying closer attention and being connected with them in bed.

Listen to them if they say they don’t like something and don’t tell yourself we will eventually see the light and realize how amazing that move is.

If He Is A Caveman

Nothing annoys most of us like the one-word answer or the slow draining of the conversation where you can tell he’s distracted and not focused on what you are saying.

If you can’t tear yourself out of a game or something, don’t answer the phone. Nobody is holding a gun to your head so send it to voicemail then text and say you will call her when you are through with whatever you are doing.

He thinks He’s A Mind Reader

Women hate when guys decide they may have intentions all figured out because she called or emailed him to confirm plans he made. Guys should know that women have lives too, they have hobbies, and friends and they are also planners.

He Hangs Out With His Friends Too Often

A man who spends a large amount of time with his friends like three nights a week after a certain age makes women wonder something. How comes all his friends are either single or spending so much time away from their girlfriends?

They also know that some of your friends how jokingly give you a hard time settling down. Usually, there are guys who can’t keep a girlfriend longer than a couple of months and that worries many women.

If He lies

Reasons for breakups

If women ask why you lied, don’t put it on and say that you knew how we’d react. You didn’t know how they would react because you lied so you didn’t give them a chance. But if you just lie, you are automatically labeled as antisocial.

Women don’t like those guys who lie since they can’t put any trust in them and they are always insecure.

If He Works Too Much

Many ladies want a man with drive and ambition. Many of them want to see you, talk to you, and check in with you because they like you are like spending time with you.

They love a man with a great work ethic. Women are not so obsessed with men who love their jobs more than those who can’t prioritize them from time to time.

He Treats You Differently Around His Friend

Most women know not to embarrass you by hanging off when you’re with your friends. They know that makes you end up looking like the guy with a clingy girlfriend.

However, taking a tone or attitude with them so you can show your friends how you wear the pants? bites them. You can dream if you think you can be sleeping in your bed that night, so you might as well go home in a different cab.

He Acts Secretive Or Defensive

If you get all dodgy just because you are asked who was on the phone or you are always playing a pronoun game, she’s going to assume you are hiding something like a wife or a criminal record.

Don’t turn the tables on her if she suddenly makes it about how you have trust issues. So the best thing is you accept the fact you’ve been gotten and talk like a man.

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