Some Of The Facts You Should Know About Women.

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Here are the key facts you should know about women in the world if you are looking for a new woman in your life:

  • Women fall in love through man’s word and stay in love because of his actions.
  • Before telling her “I love you” ensure you are aware of the meaning, depth, and amount of weight, and be responsible for those words.
  • She loves to be slowly unveiled so don’t push or rush her.
  • She needs convincing as to why she should love even though her heart believes in love.
  • Only if you are serious, awaken love in her.
  • Tell her the truth no matter how painful or difficult is to bear since she will love and trust you more for it as honesty is the key.
  • Women think of sex too, but it is a side of her preserved for her special man.
  • Women love attention and the moment she notices you don’t give her attention, she will quit.
  • The best gift you can give a woman is your time. It is possible to buy expensive gifts for her but if you rob her, the expensive gifts mean little to her. Her indicator of your love is your time.
  • It’s every woman’s wish that her woman would confide in her but often women find men to be guarded and she feels helpless about how to get him. Therefore, share with her your troubles, fear, and hopes since she wants you to need her.
  • Love and being in love there are two different things. Therefore, loving you is her personal choice, and being in love with you is dependent on how well you treat her and excite her.
  • When you keep secrets you make her insecure. The easiest way to make her feel secure and safe is by empowering her with information. Let her know your friends and your schedule for the day and alert her when you are busy and not able to talk or meet her and she will understand.
  • It is one thing to say you love her, it is another thing to make her feel loved. Too many men claim to love their women but their women don’t feel loved.
  • It’s your duty to make her feel sexy by how you desire her. She feels her sexy when you are hungry for her, when you look at her and when you talk to her. If she doesn’t feel sexy, you have failed
  • Women make love with their hearts, treat her well and your marriage will have an exciting sex life. She is eager to drive you crazy. Treat her well outside the bedroom and in the bedroom, she’ll be on fire.
Facts about women that you need to know
  • A lady gets hurt in case she receives more frequent compliments, a lot of respect, and admiration from other men rather than she does from you.
  • In case you need to break up with her, let her know the reasons. Ladies love closure, therefore, avoid disappearing without a reason.
  • A woman loves with her all, and before her relationship or marriage to the man she loves ends, she will give her all.
  • Many times she has been unappreciated and suppressed. As a man, appreciate her efforts, support her and build her.
  • Remain the good man she got and fell in love with, don’t change to being a worse man. Consistency is the most important thing to her.
  • At times, the only thing this gender needs is your listening. She opens up to you, not because she wants some direction or advice from you but so that she gets to vent.
  • Eye contact and physical touch make her feel special. Don’t rob her of these.
  • Show her love in public as you do in private.
  • Women are generally calm, loving, and peaceful.

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