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Al Gore whose birth name is Albert Arnold Gore is an American politician, environmentalist, author, and a business man. Additionally, he also served as a vice president of the US under president Bill Clinton. Also, he also worked as a Tennessee representative and also a senator. Currently, he is under Democratic party .

Age, and family of Al Gore

The famous business man was born on 31 March 1948 at Washington DC ,US. Therefore, he is 76 years old. He was the second born to Albert Gore and Pauline LaFon Gore. His father was a congress man in the US. Gore had only one sibling ,Nancy Gore. However, Nancy died of cancer of the lungs in the year 1984.

Early life

So, he grew up in an odd neighborhood where he most oftenly worked in his family’s hotel. Therefore, he grew up as an isolated child in an isolated neighborhood. His life mostly revolved around his parents and teachers. However, he studied at St Albans school, Harvard College, Harvard University, Vanderbilt law school and Vanderbilt University Divinity School. At Harvard college, he became popular on his second day in school. As a result, he was elected the president of government council.

Wife and children of Al Gore

Gore got married to his wife Elizabeth (tipper Gore) in the year 1970. However, they got divorced in the year 2010. The reason for separation was because of his wife’s insecurities. They had four kids together who are; Kristine, Sarah, Karenna and Algore 2. He also has three grand children; Wyatt Gore, Anna and Oscar.


So, he started becoming active in politics when he was 28 years. He served in the Us congress for sixteen years. Again, he served as Tennessee senator from 1985 to 1993. He won a popular vote on the Democratic nominee for the president of the US. Unfortunately, he lost the electoral vote. Again, he became the first president to win a popular vote but lose an electoral vote. During his stay in office, he fueled climate change programs that earned him a Nobel peace prize in 2001. Additionally, he has founded companies like Generation Investment Management and Climate Reality Project. Also, he has partnered with other companies like Venture Capital and Kleiner Perkins. Additionally, he has been awarded other awards like Grammy award for best spoken word album, Primetime Emmy award, Webby Award and the Academy award.

AL Gore books

Al has authored and published books like The assault on reason, Our choice, Earth in the balance, An inconvenient truth and An inconvenient Sequel. His most liked book is the Assault on reason.

Net worth 2023

So, he has a net worth of $ 300 million which is an estimated figure. This is from his salaries and other investments.

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