Things a man does if he knows you are the one.

Things a man does when he knows you are the one

There are several things a man does to show love. However, there is a big difference between being with a person who is just dating and a man who knows you are the one.

A man who is sure you are the one who will make you feel more appreciated. This result in you feeling more confident in a relationship. This is a relationship where you can see the two of you together in the future.

When a guy knows you are the one, he will always value you and your opinions. Also, he makes you feel comfortable enough. Below are the signs he thinks you are the one:

He wants to be an Unshared or Unique

If a guy knows you are the one, avoid hanging out with other girls. This is because he wants to be unique and let you know he wants something serious with you.

He will not risk losing you to someone else because he knows how special and precious you are.

He will always have a desire for you to meet with his friends and family

When a guy wants to take the next step, he will suggest you meet his family and friends. This is because they are a part of his life. Now because he thinks you are the one, he will want them to meet his leading lady because he is proud of having you in his life.

He will also want to meet your family and friends.

He will always accept you for who you are

Sometimes you might have to pretend to be happy, independent, and strong. However, you may feel sad and weak around other boys. If a guy knows you are the one, he will make you feel comfortable around him.

He will share your happiness when you are happy and be there without judgment when you are needy.

Showing you His True self

Having someone for the long run, you see every side of that person. The same way he accepts you for everything you are when he knows you are it. That person will let his guard down and expect you to give in.

A relationship works when both of you stop pretending and be who you are. Everyone has their weakness. However, it is good to know that the weaknesses make you both perfect for each other.

He always makes you feel comfortable

When a guy knows you are the one, he will do little things to make things easier for you. You will hang out with him when you want, buying things to make you happy and he won’t hesitate to spend money on you.

Such a guy will answer any question without hesitation and he will always include you in his plans for his present and future.

Treating you as the most important person

Things a man does for love

There are two types of people here, one will hang out with you during his free time but the other one will free his time to hang out with you. Such a person who frees his time to hang out with you reveals to you that you are the one.

He may not be a caller or a person who likes texting but if you are important to him, he will do that to prove that you are important.

Sometimes he will plan things for you and he might be busy but not too busy so that you don’t feel neglected.

Allowing you to use his phone

In today’s living our whole life and secrets are hidden in our phones. If he knows you are the one, he will freely allow you to use his phone without conflict. This is because he trusts you and has nothing to hide.

Mostly he will not hesitate or hide things in his phone when you ask to see them. If he is cool with you playing with his phone know you have got a good keeper.

Talking to you about difficult topics

You find that most guys talk about fun, entertainment things but if you find a guy sharing topics he would only share with a person he sees in the future just know that guy thinks you are the one. you find him telling you about his past, struggles, and weakness.

If you feel you have a problem and avoid the subject, you will find him bringing it up to try to resolve it because he treasures and loves you.

He fights fair and he doesn’t walk away

Having disagreements and fights in every relationship it’s normal because we are all humans. When you fight and see him caring despite getting on each other nerves, he wants to work out those issues because he sees himself with you just know that is one sign of a good keeper.

You will fight but at the end of the fight, he will just want to hang you and make everything work out again.

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