Mungai Eve, Age, Relationship, origin, and Edu.


Mungai Eve
Mungai Eve

Mungai Eve is the fast growing Youtuber in Kenya, who is known for her perfectly well done contents of untold stories.

Her YouTube channel has over 440k subscribers to sum up and attain over 40 million views per week.

Mungai Eve’s age.

Mungai Eve 21 years old of age, as of the year 2021, since her birth date is at April 6, 2000.


Talk of luck, Eve has a boyfriend in which he helps her grow. He goes by the name of Trevor, where in which they got to meet each other in the year of 2020.

The two are inseparable, thanks to their romance and time spent together while at work.


Her working path as a youtuber, came about in the year of 2020. Therefore due to lockdown, she noticed that she had a lot of free time, where she decided to reach out to starting a YouTube channel.

In conclusion, her consistent videos posting across the country, made her popular among different age groups. Here is the link to her YouTube Channel

Mungai Eve’s home.

On 6th of April in 2000, Everlyn Wanjiku Mungai was born in Gachiku village, in Murang’a County. Her upbringing was pretty smooth until, she was in Grade 5, where her mother became very sick in a result, she underwent two surgeries which led to a lot of money going to her hospital bills.


However, after successfully completing her Primary Education, she went to a local high school due to problems with school fees. Although she was not much of a school ‘performer’, she was a leader and had the courage to address an audience and read poetry.

Above all, one of the teacher saw her public speaking skills and knew that she would make a good journalist.

What’s Trending about Mungai Eve?

Eve Mungai and her boyfriend Trevor, hit their second Anniversary on Wednesday, January 26.

Therefore, the couple went to a showroom on 27th and bought their first brand new car.

Quick facts.

  • Full names – Everlyn Wanjiku Mungai.
  • Age – 21years old.
  • D.O.B – April 6th, 2000.
  • Place of Birth – Murang’a County, Gachiku village.
  • Zodiac Sign – Aries.
  • Nationality – Kenyan.
  • Ethnic – African.
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