Tourist Attraction sites in Mombasa County, Kenya.

Mombasa tourist attraction sites
Mombasa tourist attraction sites

There are several tourist attraction sites in Mombasa County. Mombasa is a coastal city in Southern Kenya. Moreover, it rank as the country’s oldest and second largest city. The Island is linked to its mainland municipal territory of 100 Square. However, Mombasa has two ports, Mombasa Old Port on the Islands and Kilindini Harbor .

Marine National Park Tourist attraction site in Mombasa.

Marine national park is located in south of Wasini Island. However, the place is a popular spot for snorkeling, diving and, dolphin spotting. The park encompasses four small islands in a surrounding of fish-rich coral reef.

Others marine life includes.

  • Moray eels.
  • Angel fish.
  • Grouper.
  • Snappers.

Fort Jesus Tourist attraction site.

Fort Jesus was built in 1953 to 1956 by the Portuguese. Moreover, it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the Mombasa’s top tourist attraction site.

Fort Jesus has many old buildings within the compound, including the Omani house, which was built in 18th Century.

Haller Park

This is a nature Park in Bamburi, Mombasa on the Kenyan Coast. Haller Park is a 25 minute drive from Mombasa Town. However, in this recreation ground, you will find various animals and plants spices. More than 160 animal spices have been introduced to the area among them being:

  1. Weaver birds.
  2. Cranes.
  3. Pelicans.

Mamba Village

Just as the name suggests, “Mamba Village Crocodile Farm” is famous for its crocodiles and is a home to the giant Nile crocodile. To access the Park, you have to pay an entrance fee. Once inside, other services such as food and entertainment are available at an affordable price. Many visitors while inside, enjoy watching the crocodiles fight for tasty morsels during feeding time.

Shimba Hills National Reserve

The reserve is one of the largest Coastal Forest in East Africa. The cool climate in this reserve give a welcoming relief from the hot temperature of the Coast. The reserve is rich in flora, fauna and, hosts the highest density of African elephants.


This is a Swahili fishing village that has blossom into a small beach Resort. The park habitat consists of marine and tidal habitats which has amazing green turtles, coral reefs gardens, and white sandy beaches. Therefore, the tourist attraction site is popular.

Why is the park popular?

  1. Has a wide variety of fish and dugongs.
  2. Kipepeo project.
  3. Gede ruins – the lost town of Gedi- are also found here.
  4. White sandy beaches.
  5. Unique coral reef gardens.

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