STIs or STDs Causes, symptoms, Prevention and Treatment.


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STDs or STIs
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STIs or STDs causes, symptoms, forestallment, and treatment have been bandied below. Sexually Transmitted Conditions (STDs), or Sexually Transmitted Infection (STIs), are acquired by people who have had sexual contact.

The contagion that cause sexually transmitted diseases are either viruses, bacteria, or parasites. They may pass from person to person through; blood transfusion, semen, or vaginal and other bodily fluids.

There Are more than 20 types of STDs Including:

  1. Gonorrhea: Can cause infertility in both genders.
  2. Syphilis: this is a bacterial infection, spread through sexual contact and if not treated, it can lead to; * damaging the heart, brain or other organs.
  3. Genital Herpes: If not treated, they can lead to ulcers or scabs.
  4. HIV/AIDs: Caused by many ways including, sexual contact, blood transfusion, during giving birth or circumcision in most cases.
  5. Pubic lice: mostly many people acquire it through sexual contact.
  6. Chlamydia: Acquired while having unprotected sex or during giving birth to a child.

Who Is Affected by Sexually Transmitted Disease

Utmost of the STDs and STIs affect both men and women, but in numerous cases, women are largely affected.

Women may witness the following symptoms when they’re infected

  • Pain or bleeding during or after sex.
  • Burning sensation when urinating.
  • Soreness and itching around the vagina.
  • Unusual vagina discharge.

Signs and symptoms of STDs.

  • Fever.
  • Abdominal pain.
  • Abnormal / bad vaginal odor.
  • Pocks or blisters in or around the mouth.
  • Painful or frequent urge to urinate.
  • Sores or warts in genital area.

Can STIs and STDs be Prevented?

If you are worried about the prevention against STDs or STIs, be rest assured that the usage of latex condoms(protection), reduces the risks of getting the infections, but doesn’t completely eliminate the Still, be rest assured that the operation of latex condoms ( protection), reduces the pitfalls of getting the infections, If you’re upset about the forestallment against STDs or STIs.

How the STIs or STDs are Diagnosed.

When one is sexually active, one is ought to seek medical advice from a healthcare provider concerning the threat of contracting STDs.

Some STDs may be diagnosed during a urine test.

Treatment of STDs or STIs.

  1. Antibiotics can treat STDs caused by either bacteria or parasites.
  2. There’s no cure of STDs caused by contagion similar as HIV/ AIDs, but drug can help lower the symptoms..
  3. There are vaccines to help prevent HPV and Hepatitis B.

NB:/ If exposed to STIs, women are more likely to become infected than men, since men have a lesser area of exposure than women (the cervix and vagina).

Myths about Condoms Coating with HIV Virus.

This is false concerning the rumors spread around. Some condoms are covered with a wet or powdered-suchlike material similar as; Spermicide or cornstarch and they’re used to slick the condom, to make sex smoother.

Point to note.

Unprotected sex and multiple sex partners is the most common cause of STDs or STIs.

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