Mbusi-Radio Jambo presenter real name, age, education, wife

Mbusi Radio Jambo presenter
Mbusi Radio Jambo presenter

Mbusi na Lion Teketeke is a popular sheng Radio Jambo show among Kenyan youths. The radio presenter behind this show is Daniel Githinji Mwangi popularly known as Mbusi. Mbusi has an easy sail in his sheng presentation. Using sheng, Mwangi communicates his audience simple and complex issues in society. You have to be a keen listener to get his well crafted messages. But who is Mbusi? Read on to get to know Mbusi-Radio Jambo presenter.

Mbusi early life.

Born in Korogocho Mbusi, attended Eastleigh Airport Primary and Maina Wanjigi High School. Since his family was not that well-to-do to do Mbusi started selling soup in the Korogocho area. He later started going to the Kenya National Theatre where he landed roles in high school set-book plays, especially children’s roles. It is from these roles that television roles came calling when the program Crazy Kenyans aired on TV.

Mbusi’s wife

His acting in high school set-book plays not only earned him a living, but it is also here that he met his woman mama Stacy. Mama Stacy was in form four when the duo met. However, they lost touch with each other but they would later rejoin in Nairobi while Mama Stacy was in college. It is from their rejoining that Mbusi unceremoniously married his woman.

The couple has three daughters, namely, Stacy, Sandra, and Mellany.

Career life

Mbusi media career started at Ghetto Radio where he made a huge fan base in a popular reggae show. He later moved to Radio Jambo.

At RMS, he rejected their job offer citing that switching jobs would suicidal.


Besides his career, Mbusi is equally a religious man. In an interview on local television, Mbusi said he is awaiting his ordination by the Rastafarian Society of Kenya as a priest.

To quote Mbusi-Radio Jambo presenter; “I have discovered myself very well at the moment. Previously I was a Christian but very soon I will be ordained by the Rasta Society of Kenya to be a High Priest,”

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