What is Drug Abuse? Types of drugs and Effects.

Drug abuse
Drug abuse

What is a drug? Any substance taken into the body that affects its working is a drug. It can change for instance the way of thinking, feeling, behavior and actions. Some drugs can be used to prevent or treat disease while others are taken to please people. Therefore, all medicines are drugs but not all drugs are medicines.

Misuse of drugs.

using drugs wrongly can as well mean using medicines wrongly is misusing. Ways of misusing medicines are;

  • When taking medicines not prescribed by a doctor.
  • Taking medicine when not sick.
  • Not following instructions given by a doctor.
  • Sharing medicines that are not yours.
  • If not complete taking all medicine given by the doctor.

Drug Abuse.

Drug abuse is taking drugs for the wrong reason. Medicines can be misused as well. Misuse of drugs is as well drug abuse. Many other drugs are mainly abused for the following reasons.

  • To get pleasure.
  • To forget problems.
  • Because of peer pressure.
  • To become brave.

Continuous drug abuse can lead to drug addiction.

Types of drug abuse.

Cocaine- is a street drug that has been and continues to be extremely popular. This substance, which is a derivative of the coca plant, comes in white powder form.

Stimulant abuse- are substances that cause physical and psychological functions to speed up. In addition, individuals who abuse stimulants tend to experience a major boost in energy.

Meth abuse- contains deadly elements such as paint thinner, hydrochloric acid, and battery fluid.

Heroin abuse- individuals obtain a pleasurable high that reduces or eliminates their physical distress.

Sedative abuse- Benzodiazepines are highly effective in reducing anxiety. It can also aid in helping individuals who suffer from sleep problems. However, they are very popular substances of abuse due to the feelings of detachment.

Effects of drug abuse.

Tobacco- smoking tobacco may lead to problems and diseases that affect the breathing system. Smoke from tobacco can cause lung cancer.

Alcohol- loss of appetite may lead to poor health as a result of poor feeding. However, alcohol causes stomach ulcers dehydration making one thirsty all the time. It also affects the brain and the nervous system. Drunkards find it easy to get into bad activities such as stealing and poor sexual behavior.

Bhangi- loss of memory and inability to think we’ll. A person taking bhang is usually unfriendly, quarrels, and fight easily. It can also cause mental disability.

Mira at the use of miraa affects one’s health. It may cause loss of appetite to lead to malnutrition. Spending a lot of money to buy miraa at the expense of other needs. Chewing miraa encourages idleness making people unproductive.

Cocaine- cocaine users are violent and can fight anyone without reason. Cocaine is very expensive. The users spend a lot of their money on it leaving them with no money for other needs. Cocaine can lead to heart problems and problems in breathing.

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