How to maintain strong healthy hair.

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Strong healthy hair that is easily manageable, is what everybody wants. However, it is a challenge to many who have to deal with hair that is hard, damaged and weak hair. When it comes to your hair type, strength and volume, genes play a big role in determining. However, this does not mean you have no control on your hair.

Pamper your hair to grow strong.

You can pamper your hair by mixing some honey, raw milk and aloe vera gel. The mixture should then be applied on the hair and left for about 40 minutes before washing. Then rinse it with mild shampoo. This will make the hair strong hair and also do away with dandruff.

Regularly trim your hair.

Trimming or clipping damaged ends of hair.

Clipping your hair is getting rid of damaged parts of your hair by cutting it regularly. Clipping hair regularly helps you attain hair that looks healthier. It also prevent the split ends from creeping the length of your hair. Hair stylists recommend you to clip your hair after every 6-8 weeks.

Knowing your hair type.

By hair type, hair density, hair texture and hair strength are key to focus on.

Density is the number of hair strands growing on each square inch of your scalp.

Texture is the natural shape or pattern of your hair. It also describes the thickness of each strand of your hair.

Strength of your hair can be measured by porosity and elasticity. Strong hair can get up to stretch up to one and a half times its original length.

3.Use quality shampoo and conditioner suitable for your hair type. Using the right products such as deep cleansing for oily hair and thickening products for fine hair helps in maintaining strong healthy hair.

Use sulfate free shampoo.

Shampoo containing sulfates removes its natural moisture. So you should use natural hair shampoo to avoid breakage, improve texture and for strong long hair.

Avoid a lot of heat to get to get strong hair.

Heat play a big part in damaging your hair especially if your hair is dry of very fine. Heat may also affect hair that is vulnerable to breakage. The heat may be from tools that you use to smoothen your hair such as blow dryers and straightening iron. Too much heat weaken your hair resulting to damage.

Increase your vitamin and mineral intake for strong hair.

Foods that give you vitamins and minerals for strong healthy hair

Vitamins are essential when it comes to you having strong hair just like they are to the functioning of different parts of the body. Lack of certain vitamins in your body may lead to hair loss.

The vitamins and minerals that are important for strong hair and growth are; Vitamin A, D, E

Vitamin A. Found in oily fish, yoghurt, cheese, milk and eggs.

D. Vitamin D can be gotten from sunlight and foods such as fish, mushrooms, egg yolk,

E. Can be gotten from fortified foods, green leafy vegetables and nuts.

Zink and Iron are also very important. Their sources are meat, chicken ,beans and spinach.

Protect your hair at night.

Ensure you moisturize you hair to make it less prone to breakage by covering it with a silk or satin wrap before sleeping. But if you choose to leave it uncovered, ensure you sleep lay your head on a satin pillow case to avoid damaging your hair

Avoid stress.

As much as it is easier said than done, stress contributes in damaging your skin and your hair as well. Therefore, you should simply try to relax. whether the hair length is worrying or anything else. Try as much to avoid stress.

Other tips for strong healthy hair are;

  • Egg treatment .This is application of a raw egg on the hair to act as treatment and later washed.
  • Massage your scarp regularly to stimulate hair follicles and helping in the flow of blood to your scalp which encourages hair growth.
  • Brush your hair properly. You should avoid brushing your hair when wet because at that time it is very weak. You should also avoid using a plastic comb because of static electricity which may make it impossible to untangle.

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